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Music Student Service League (MSSL) is a group of MTAC student volunteers dedicated to serving their community through music.  

Through their involvement in MSSL, the students develop leadership skills and nurture the lifelong habit of service. Projects include student performances at senior citizen homes, benefit recitals, mentoring younger students, and volunteering at Branch functions and events. 

Who: Students school grade six through twelve performing at Certificate of Merit Level 5 or above.

When: Monthly, generally on Saturdays or Sundays at various senior homes.

Where: Students can perform monthly at various locations and attend MSSL meetings.

How: Students can join any time of the year.  $5 application fee.  

why: This is a wonderful opportunity for students to give back to the community, receive 5 hours of community service credits for performing toward the hours required by their respective schools for graduation and also add to their performing experience.

To register, please visit new website at msslsocal.org and click "Registration" under the "Recitals" tab. To find more information about the recitals, click "Recitals". Other information about MSSL, the Atria, and the Alzheimer's Association can also be found on the website.

Recital Rules

  • The fee is $5 per student
  • MSSL will not reschedule or rearrange the performance order at last minute request.  
  • Performing students must plan to stay for the entire recital (approx. 45 minutes to one hour). 
  • All students must perform without music, except ensemble performance. 
  • There will be 20 students or less in each recital.
  • Time limit of 3 minutes per student.
  • Try to choose pieces that will be suitable for our Senior audience.
  • Music should be memorized, except duets and ensembles.
  • A high standard of performance should be maintained.
  • Deadline for entries is a week before each performance date.
        *If you have any questions, please contact us at: Joycepiano@joycepiano.com

2018 MSSL Recital Schedule