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Hilton Head Island Partner Dance Society HHIPDanceS

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May  2014 Site updated   April 8 2014 Links on this page  checked on,March 4 2014

 This page will be used as HHIPDanceS home page and will contain updates and News.

Mission Statement
  • To promote and develop social dancing in the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton areas
  • To promote and develop the camaraderie between dancers of all levels.
  • To introduce beginner dancers to the joys of dancing and the dance community
  • To provide dancers with dance events and workshops that will enhance and improve their dance abilities
  • To associate and work with other dance organizations in the area
  • To promote and/or provide events that may include friendly competition and showcase venues.
  • To inform the society members of events, workshops, venues, competitions, etc. and keep abreast of developments in the dance community.
  • To provide an open dance environment where dancers of all levels will have the opportunity to practice, learn and enjoy themselves.

From Central Jersey Dance Society

Big News:
We now have a meetup page:
Hilton Head Island Partner Dance Society   Please consider joining meetup; it's free.

Dance At Vintage Prime on HHI starting at 6:30 pm on Tuesday June 24

Dance At Vintage Prime on HHI starting at 7:00 pm on Tuesday June 25.


for details about Vintage Prime  see:

Vintage Prime
I'll be in the bar area. There is live entertainment both nights . Please look at the link for location and details on
entertainment. Wednesday sounds good for ballroom and swing.

Next Im still looking for another place to dance. How does everyone feal about Saturday night?   A  manager I  spoke to was very receptive to the idea in a "new"(Not)  club that he would run. More to come.

Also Im thinking of rotating the theme of each weekly dance; Swing, ballroom, California Mix and Latin (including some AT).

 Pino Gelato Gourmet Cafe (owner, Attila) has decided to suspend the Sunday

Tea dance until fall.

 Other Dance News

For those who want more about Swing see my personal page

Swing E&WCS Carolina shag

Other Dance Links  Click to see them.

Email: hhipds@gmail.com

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