Haitham Hindi

Principal Engineer,
Apple, Inc.


Cupertino, CA
E-mail: hhindi@apple.com
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/hhindi1969


Research Interests

General system modeling, identification, estimation, control, optimization and market mechanisms. Application areas: radiation treatment plan optimization; energy management, smart grids, data centers, buildings, and vehicles; algorithms for optimal motion control, synchronization, network flow-based scheduling and routing, system performance analysis, machine learning in high end modular reconfigurable printing systems and manufacturing networks; systems architecture, protocol design, and embedded systems software implementation; system modeling, identification, decentralized and robust optimal control for particle accelerators, disk drives and sensor networks.

Papers on Control of Energy and Power Systems

  • A Tutorial on Optimization Methods for Cancer Radiation Treatment Planning.¬†
    American Control Conf., 2013.(Talk) [Matlab Code should be available on Matlab Central website as of 2013/07/15]

Papers on Control of Energy and Power Systems

  • Optimal Resource Allocation on Servers with Probabilistic Service Level Agreements
    In preparation.
  • Coordinating Regulation and Demand Response in Electric Power Grids: Direct and Price-Based Tracking using Multirate Economic Model Predictive Control¬†(Book chapter, in Springer edited volume)
  • Coordinating Regulation and Demand Response in Electric Power Grids using Multirate Model Predictive Control
    IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, ISGT 2011. (Talk)
  • Market-Based Control Mechanisms for Electric Power Demand Response
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2010. (Talk)
  • Fast Demand Response
    White Paper, PARC, 2010.

Papers on General Control and Optimization

  • Computing Policies and Performance Bounds for Deterministic Dynamic Programs using Mixed Integer Programming
    American Control Conf. 2011.  (Appendix)
  • A Tutorial on Convex Optimization II: Duality and Interior Point Methods
    American Contr. Conf. 2006. (Talk)
  • A Tutorial on Convex Optimization
    American Contr. Conf. 2004. (Talk)
  • Optimal Tracking with Feedback-Feedforward Control Separation Over a Network
    American Contr. Conf. 2006.
  • Synchronization of State Based Control Processes with Delayed and Asynchronous Measurements
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2005. (Talk)
  • Distributed Active Sensing in the MVE Framework
    DARPA research done at Stanford.
  • Joint Optimization of Wireless Communication and Linear Systems
    book chapter, in Switching and Learning in Feedback Systems, Springer Edited Volume, 2005
  • Joint Optimization of Communication Rates and Linear Systems
    IEEE Trans. Aut. Contr. 2003. (Talk)
  • Computing Optimal Uncertainty Models from Frequency Domain Data
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2002. (Talk)
  • DQIT: mu-Synthesis without D-Scale Fitting
    IEEE Trans. Aut. Contr. 2004 and ACC 2002.
  • Log-Det Heuristic for Matrix Rank Minization with Applications to Hankel and Euclidean Distance Matrices
    American Contr. Conf. 2003.
  • A Rank Minimization Heuristic with Application to Minimum Order System Approximation
    American Contr. Conf. 2001. (Talk)
  • Trace and Logdet Heuristics for Matrix Rank Minimization
    Technical Report, Stanford University, 2001. (Contains controller order reduction example.)
  • Analysis of Linear Systems with Saturation Using Convex Optimization
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 1998 (see Ph.D. Thesis below). (Talk)
  • Multiobjective H_2/H_infinity-Optimal Control via Finite Dimensional Q-Parametrization and Linear Matrix Inequalities
    American Contr. Conf. 1998. (Talk)
  • Robust Solutions to l_1, l_2, and l_infinity Uncertain Linear Approximation Problems using Convex Optimization¬†
    American Contr. Conf. 1998. (Talk)

Papers on Control of Printing and Manufacturing Networks

  • Integrated Parallel Printing Systems with Hypermodular Architecture
    IS&T-SPIE Electronic Imaging 2011.
  • Control in Printing Systems: Modular Reconfigurable Media Paths
    American Control Conf., 2009. (Talk)
  • Synchronized Control in a Large-Scale Networked Distributed Printing System
    Int. Conf on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2009.
  • Efficient Waypoint Tracking Hybrid Controllers for Double Integrators using Classical Time Optimal Control
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2008. (Talk)
  • Decompose Document Image Using Integer Linear Programming
    Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition, September 2007.(This paper is about imaging actually.)
  • Optimal Routing and Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Integer Programming
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2007. (Talk)
  • Network Flow Modeling for Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Re-entrant Lines
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2006. (Talk)
  • Real-Time Control Software for a Tightly Coupled Distributed Manufacturing System
    Submitted to IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering 2006.
  • Synchronization of State Based Control Processes with Delayed and Asynchronous Measurements
    IEEE Conf. on Decision & Control 2005. (Talk)
  • Coordinated Control for Highly Reconfigurable Systems
    Hybrid Systems Control Conference (HSCC 05), 2005.

Papers on Control of Disk Drives

  • Rejecting Oscillatory, Non-Synchronous Mechanical Disturbances in Hard Disk Drives
    IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, March 2001
  • Identification of Power Spectra from Frequency Domain Data and Disturbance Models in Control Systems
    Technical report, Quantum, March 2000
  • Improving Single Stage Control using H-Infinity Design
    Technical report, Quantum, April 2000
  • Sample Rate Selection for On-Track Control
    Technical report, Quantum, May 1999
  • Modeling and Control for Dual Stage Actuators: An H-Infinity Regulator Approach
    Technical report, Quantum, June 1999
  • Tools for Obtaining State Space Models
    Technical report, Quantum, June 1999

Papers on Control of Particle Accelerators

  • Multibunch Longitudinal Dynamics and Diagnostics via a Digital Feedback System at PEP-II, DAPHNE, ALS and SPEAR
    SLAC-PUB-8128, Jun 1998. 8pp. Presented at 6th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 98), Stockholm, Sweden, 22-26 Jun 1998.
  • A Matrix Formalism for Landau Damping
    SLAC-PUB-7978, Oct 1998. 7pp. Talk given at 14th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop: Beam Dynamics Issues for e+ e- Factories (ICFA 97), Frascati, Italy, 20-26 Oct 1997.
  • Design and Verification of Controllers for Longitudinal Oscillations using Optimal Control Theory and Numerical Simulation
    SLAC-PUB-7716, SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-97-20, Dec 1997. 4pp. Poster presented at 17th IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 97): Accelerator Science, Technology and Applications, Vancouver, Canada, 12-16 May 1997.
  • Operation and Performance of the PEP-II Prototype Longitudinal Damping System at the ALS
    SLAC-PUB-6879, SLAC-PUB-95-6879, LBL-37210, May 1995. 3pp. Presented at the 16th IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 95) and International Conference on High Enenrgy Accelerators, Dallas, Texas, 1-5 May 1995.
  • A Formal Approach to the Design of Multibunch Feedback Systems: LQG Controllers
    SLAC-PUB-6503, Jun 1994. 3pp. Presented at 4th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 94), London, England, 27 Jun - 1 Jul 1994.
  • Measurement of Multibunch Transfer Functions Using Time Domain Data and Fourier Analysis
    SLAC-PUB-6364, Dec 1993. 11pp. Presented at Workshop on Beam Instrumentation, Santa Fe, NM, 20-23 Oct 1993.
  • Analysis of DSP Based Longitudinal Feedback System: Trails at SPEAR and ALS
    SLAC-PUB-6151, Apr 1993. 3pp. Presented at 1993 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 93), Washington, DC, 17-20 May 1993.
  • PEP-II: RF and Feedback R & D
    SLAC-PUB-5979, LBL-33525, Nov 1992. 4pp. Presented at Particles & Fields 92: 7th Meeting of the Division of Particles Fields of the APS (DPF 92), Batavia, IL, 10-14 Nov 1992.
  • Downsampled Signal Processing for a B-Factory Bunch-By-Bunch Feedback System
    In Proceedings, EPAC92, vol. 2* 1067-1069. Presented at 3rd European Particle Conf., Berlin, Germany, Mar 24-28, 1992.
  • Noise Driven Synchrotron Oscillations in the Presence of Longitudinal Feedback at ALS and PEP-II
    Technical Report, SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-95-48, Aug 1995.
  • Clustering using a Pairwise Nearest Neighbor (PNN) Algorithm
    Technical Report, SLAC-PEP-II-AP-NOTE-96-26, Jun 1996.

Ph.D. Thesis

  • Local Analysis of Perturbed Linear Systems with Application to Saturating Control Systems
    PhD Thesis, Stanford University, EE Dept., March 2000.
    The goal of this thesis was to develop a set of tools for computing guaranteed regions of attraction, bounds on L_2 disturbance rejection and on L_2 gain, for linear systems perturbed by sector bounded nonlinearities, in particular, saturation nonlinearities. This allows more daring and better specified designs. Efficient Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) global analysis techniques were extended to the problem of local stability and performance analysis. The issue of computing optimal Lyapunov functions for local analysis was addressed and used to point out the advantages and limitations of the new techniques. The result is a set of tools that are: computationally efficient, simple to implement, easy to understand, not overly conservative, able to handle multiple saturation nonlinearities and both continuous- and discrete-time systems. Two applications for the tools are presented: control systems with saturation, and distortion analysis in power amplifiers with saturation.

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