River Table

Our 6ft x 12ft x 1ft (1.83m x 3.66m x 0.30m) river table is located in the James M. Hassett Laboratory for the Study of Hydrology and Hydraulics (Baker Lab 106) at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF). 

Basic river table with downstream V-notch weir, groundwater discharge holes, PVC trough, and side aluminum extrusion rails.  The box of the river table was constructed from plexiglass on top of a wooden base and supported by 12 aluminum sawhorses. 

Addition of leveling water tray, stainless steel sand filter screen, and connecting water reservoirs.  The water tray slides on aluminum rails bolted along both sides of the river table.  Outflow from the river table is directed by the PVC trough into the first reservoir (right), where excess sand can settle out, before entering the second reservoir (left) and being pumped back into the river table.

Addition of digital flow controller and transverse aluminum extrusion rails on sliding linear bearings.  The digital flow controller, designed and built by Little River Research and Design, can be programmed to automatically run hydrographs.  Ultrasonic sensors, digital cameras, and other equipment can be mounted on the sliding transverse rails.