Graduate Courses:
ERE 540:  Engineering Hydrology & Hydraulics
FOR 796:  Advanced Watershed Hydrology & Biogeochemistry
EFB 797:  Seminar:  Hydrology & Biogeochemistry
EFB 518:  Systems Ecology
FOR 642:  Watershed Ecology & Management
FOR 521:  Forest Ecology & Silviculture
ERE 674:  Methods in Ecological Treatment and Analysis
ERE 797:  Seminar:  Research Methods I

APM 510:  Statistical Analysis
APM 620:  Experimental Design & ANOVA: Analysis of Variance
APM 696:  SAS for ANOVA

EST 796:  Environmental Policy Analysis
FOR 670:  Resource & Environmental Economics
FOR 687:  Environmental Law & Policy
ENS 797:  Seminar: Water Law

Notable Undergraduate Courses:
Aqueous Geochemistry
Groundwater Geology

Environmental Chemistry

Principles of Ecology

Conservation Biology

Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Introduction to Geographic Information System

Environmental Science and Policy
Economy, Ecology, and Society
Indigenous Traditions and Ecology