Heidi Hardt, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor
      University of California, Irvine
      Schuman Center 
      European University Institute
   My areas of research include 
   international organizations (NATO, EU, UN, AU), international security, crisis management, gender, organizational culture and organizational learning


Recent Publications
Time to React

Time to React:
The Efficiency of 
International Organizations in Crisis Response

(Oxford University Press, 2014)

Abstract: The speed with which international organizations respond to crises affects prospects for sustainable peace, but scholars have yet to understand why some organizations take longer than others to do so. Building on interview evidence from 50 ambassadors across four leading organizations, this book identifies a key explanation for variation: differences in institutional cultures. Unspoken rules and social networks among decision-makers at organizations’ peace and security councils dictate the pace of proceedings. This book examines the role of informal relations and rules in crisis decision-making and delimits the impact of an organization’s affluence. 

Hardt, H. (2013). ‘Keeping friends close but colleagues closer: Efficiency in decision-making on peace operations’. Global Governance, 19(3).

- Hardt, H. (2013). ‘Informal Norms: Shaping Behavior in International Negotiations,’ in Reinalda, Bob. (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of International Organization. (London: Routledge.)