Pollutant Project

There are many air pollutants - each of which has different chemical properties, sources and health effects. During the course of this activity, we will be formulating questions, researching answers, and documenting credible sources.  The product will be a collaboratively built GoogleSite that presents your findings in an organized, visually stimulating fashion. 

Each person in your group will first address the following on a separate sheet of paper.
- What qualifies as an air pollutant?
- Describe smog.
- Distinguish between natural and man-made pollutants.
- Distinguish between primary and secondary pollutants.
- What is the Air Quality Index and how does it work?
Each group will focus on one of the main air pollutants.
- carbon monoxide
- sulfur dioxide
- nitrogen oxide
- lead
- particulate matter
- ozone

First Steps...
  1. Each of you will assume one of the following roles.
  2. Research each bullet point online.
  3. Add information to the coordinating page of your group's GoogleSite (no cutting and pasting please!)
  4. Add relevant graphics.
  5. CITE all sources by providing the link.

Next Steps (In Your Group)...

  1. Within your group, rotate through the three pages on your site.
  2. Provide feedback about the clarity and completeness of information using the comment option at the bottom.
  3. Assess the page based on the rubric and make adjustments as needed.

- description
- molecular formula of pollutant
- molecular structure of pollutant (graphic)
- any applicable chemical reactions
* for particulates stay general then choose one to illustrate the above
- health effects
- include reference to any special groups affected
- add one or more graphics (integrate with text)
Environmental Scientist
- sources of the pollutant
- environmental effects
- add one or more graphics (integrate with text)
Technology Specialist (may be combined with one of the other roles in groups of three) 
- set-up the GoogleSite and invite group members (and instructor) as OWNERS
- add pages for chemistry, biology (health effects), environmental scientist (sources) - can adjust page names
- add background information to the homepage (synthesized from all group members)
- be certain the site is organized and coordinated (pages should look similar)

This assignment is worth 25 points.
See attached grading rubric.


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