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We have 17 pilots here, registered for the meet, 6 topless, and 11 with upper rigging. Some very good king post class so that will be a good race to follow, and of course all six of the top less pilots think they are going to win, and we all have a chance.

Yesterday, our first day of the 2013 Nats, looked taskable, however it was not. There was a pretty good south wind in the Valley, light on the ground, and light at launch, however strong in between, as you could see by the slow speed, (sometimes forward, sometimes backwards) of the Paragliders as they tried to make it into Nicholson, the main LZ.
We waited it out, the Valley wind did back off, but our lift did not show up in time. We called the day and had some extended sled rides to the LZ.
Pilots were happy to at least have flowen, worked out a few wrinkles, and tuning issues.
I'll try to get some photos up soon.

Task one is in the books,
Monday morning was overcast, but as forecasted, it cleared up in the afternoon. After our 2:30 pilots meeting we headed up the hill. A 60 kilometer task with 5:30 and 5:45 starts was called. The turbulent index was high, but it did smooth out some as you got higher, to our 9200 foot base, -500 feet of course.  There was 6 of us that cought the 5:30 express out of the Golden start cylinder. WE were all doing well for the first 1/2 of the course, but then the lift got weak, and it got sticky.  Tyler and Timmy smoked the course in just over an hour, but had a little trouble finding goal, as it was not right on the highway, but out in the valley, very nice LZ, just not where we expected it. I was about 30 minutes later, and was able to figure out the goal field.
Then came John Theoret and Dave Bacon. Dave showed up in a single surface, with only one lense, his eye glass repair did not hold up to the high turbulent index, or he was wipping them, and knocked the previously repaired lense out. Either way Dave flew 1/2 the flight with only one lense in his glasses, a real barn stormer.

Today looks great... so far.
Also check out Rob Clarckson's face book for photos and info.

Task Two
Tuesday was task two, and we douibled the distance to 120 kilometers, out and return. The sky was blue, with just the odd cue, and pilots were getting over 10,000'.  Eight pilots made goal, with Tyler leading eyeryone with a time of 3 hours or so. Ken Kinsley came in around 9 pm,  with 4 plus hours on course. It was a very good day.

Task Three
Thursday morning did not look great, I figured about 50% chance we would fly and 30% chance we would get a task in. There was over development in the forecast, chance of thunder storms. At 1 oclock it didn't look too bad, and up the hill we went. The task team came up with race to Invermere, another great call. We piled off the hill and up to base in short order. There was about 8 of us circling over Mt.7, waiting for the 4:00 start. Launch had clouded in and the pilots that were later off the hill had trouble getting up. 3..2..1.. and we were off at the 4 oclock bell. I was racing to stay with the group, and sushine. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you about every thermal. Flew most the flight with John Theoret and just nipped him into goal as he was refuling about 5 km. out. Timmy Middlemiss was bumed out landing 1 km short, 1/2 hour before I got to goal. I let him know he was only 600 meters short, due to the 400 meter goal radius, but this did not cheer him up. Timmy has missed two goals my less then 1 kilometer, a first and second place finish just slipped out of his hands, he is flying great. Tyler got cought in a giant flush, and at one time did not even have Nicholson on glide, but sure enough, a couple hours later, and after coming back about 8km to tag the 2nd start he flashed the course. Doug Hartley also made goal and he spotted a couple cougars sunning them selves on his sight seeing flight. I have seen many mtn. goats, but never cougars. Doug Keller also made goal after helping Tyler with a few thermals.

We (Doug Keller) will down load tracks this morning and get the results out soon. Results from the other day have changed a little, (not much), just Serge get minimum distance after he broke a down tube on take off, as oppose to "did not fly". Did not fly really is to be used as "Did not want to fly" Also Greg Leslie joined the meet, so now we are at 19 pilots, not a bad showing.

Today, Friday looks great.....for those that are not here, but wish they were.
5pm update, it OD, and the day is called, its raining pretty hard :<(

Here\nats.htm   is a link to good event info too.

Task Four
The task team came up with a 100 km task on the last day, it was an out and return, to the first green bump and back to MFP. I launched first, thinking perhaps I could get the 2:45 start on my own, and get ahead of everyone. Well that wasn't going to happen, 10 - 20 minutes after launch, I was still below,
struggling. Finally it turned on and I was able to get up. Then others launched and it looked like we were off to the races, but the 2:45 and 3:00 bus left with no one on them, to the best of my knowledge. Pilots were having trouble getting above mount 7. I got above 9000 around 3:30, and was on my way. Tyler was below me but decided to start on course as well, he really doesn't need much altitude to go, he just goes. I'm not sure he made more then 3 turns in one thermal for the entire comp. Anyway, we were on our way, and I breathed down Tylers neck most the way to the turn point, but after missing a climb or two, Tyler said good bye Ross and was on his way. I was left to pray for what never happens....,and it never did. Tyler made it to goal. Doug Keller became my new best friend and we shared several thermals on the way home....until I missed another and was forced down at the 15 k field. Doug showed great patience battling the strong north, and made goal. Good flying Doug.

We were happy to have flown 4 of the 7 days. Rob Clarkson and Doug Keller did great jobs calling the tasks. The tasks were a good length, challenging and rewarding.

Tyler Borradaile is the repeating Canadian Champion. Tyler flew very well, pushing hard all the time.
John Theoret is the King post Champion, and John flew great. I'm a little nervous that he may have a topless glider next year.

The dinner on the sun deck at the Island restaurant was outstanding, Larry Shumlich's video playing in the background, warm evening, hardware passed out, and prizes as well. Everyone had a good time visiting into the evening.

Hardware Recipients
Tyler Borradaile, Open Champion, Ross Hunter, Open runner up,
David Bacon, King Post runner up,  John Theoret King Post Champion.

Gettin ready

Settin up

Goal tak 3

                                                        Stew's crew

If your on Face book, check Tyler Borradaile and Rob Clarkson, I hear they have good stuff !
Also Terry Ryan has done a right up,.....just hasn't given me is web page yet due to technical difficulties.

The Results have been moved to the Results Page, see side bar.       n google didn't make it ez to rename this page.