Strategic Growth Through Internal and Acquisition Processes


HGB Partners Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in assisting companies and organizations

with internal/organic and/or acquisition growth strategies.  The Company is headed by Mr. M. Jay Heilbrunn, President,

who has had over twenty five years of management consulting experience with a broad range of size and type

organizations. As well, Mr. Heilbrunn has had direct operating experience in various senior executive roles.


HGB Partners approach is to work closely with the Board of Directors, owners and/or managers of companies and organizations in a facilitative role designed to develop consensus and agreement on strategies for future direction.

  Client Services

HGB Partners makes available a variety of client services:

Strategic Planning

Acquisitions - Buy Side

Divestitures - Sell Side

Our focus is on the growth of the organization through internal organic processes or acquisitions.

Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning is a Process that incorporates a number of important steps:

  • Assessment of the External Environment
  • Evaluation of Internal Conditions within the organization
  • Determination of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Development of a common Mission and Vision for the future
  • Formulation of Strategic Options
  • Formalization and Finalization of the Strategy(s)
  • Organization Agreements on: Goals; Tactics; Projections; Financial Plans; Organization Structure; Responsibilities; and a formal Timeline
  • Finalization of the Strategic Plan in a Written Document
  • Communication to the Organization and Other Key Stakeholders
Acquisitions - Buy Side

When undertaking Buy Side assignments, a detailed plan is developed to define company objectives;
a search is undertaken for available companies in the defined market segment(s); lists of potential candidates are organized; communication with candidates; letters of interest are developed;
valuation of selected company(s); due diligence management is undertaken; negotiations; and work
with buyer accountants and attorneys.  In addition, as required, post acquisition integration
assistance is provided.


Divestitures - Sell Side


When Sell Side Assignments are undertaken, a detailed profile of the client company is developed,

often referred to as “the book”; a search is initiated for buyers in the defined market segment(s);

lists of potential candidates are developed; communication with potential candidates is conducted;

letters of interest are reviewed; due diligence process management; negotiations; and work with

seller accountants and attorneys.

  Industry Experience

HGB Partners has had numerous type and size companies as clients over time.  Although we can work with

most any size or type of company, specific industry experience has included packaging, foodservice, and

wholesale distribution.

  Licensed Business Broker

   HGB Partners is a 

   Licensed Business Broker

   in the State of Illinois

 Additional Information

Mr. Heilbrunn holds a BA Degree from the University of Wisconsin; an MBA from DePaul University;

a member of the Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries (MBBI); and involved in several other

industry and trade groups.

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