What is the library's summer reading program?

The library's summer reading program helps kids keep reading by:
  • offering fun, free, educational events for all ages (check out the schedule of activities here). 
  • showing the importance of books by awarding prizes for reading  (being read to or listening to an audio book count too!). Read at least 20 hours to enter the grand prize drawing! Adults, we have a summer reading program for you too! Learn more here.
  • making learning FUN! No matter what your child is interested in, we have books, performances, and activities they'll love.

Why Summer Reading?
Reading during the summer is important for kids! Younger kids learn skills that they will need when they start school, and older children keep practicing what they learned, so everyone starts school ready to learn!

If you don't believe us, ask families who have done the program in previous years! Of survey respondants:
69% of families report that their children enjoy reading more
82% report that their children spend more time reading
65% say that their child's reading skills improved 

"Thank you very much for fostering a love of reading in my son."

"Thanks for offering a free program that encourages reading and offers fun prizes for the kids."

"Such wonderful opportunities of learning for children in the summer months."

“I’m so glad the program helped to get my daughter to love libraries and books.”

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