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Youth Assets

HF-L offers support to parents of Special Education children through an organization called COPE; Collaborative Organization of Parents and Educators.  This group which is organized by Trish Bowers and Phil Burrows of HF-L tries to reach out and connect to any parent who has a child with a special need.  Whether parents need emotional support, help with NYS assistance issues or are looking for a social outlet for their child, COPE is there to answer questions and support our families.  In fact, COPE has started holding Fun and Game nights during the year.  The nights are open to all family members of a special needs child.  COPE also works with a program at the high school called "TIES" that connects a young adult helper/mentor to a child with a special need.  For additional information on this program please contact Phil Burrows at philip_burrows@hflcsd.org or 624-7017.