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Volunteer Opportunities

Please see the list below for volunteer opportunities available at this time. The time commitment for most of the events/activities is flexible and is based on your availability. Contact High School PTA Co-Chairs Kelly Paganelli ( ) or Ann Knaak ( ) if you are interested in helping out. We look forward to hearing from you!

• Fundraising Chair

• Staff Appreciation Chair

• Career Day Chair

• Chaperone Chair

• Copy Volunteers -  if you are able to help out with making copies at the High School during ANY hours the school is open, please contact Copy Chair Michele Shone ( ). The teachers would be so grateful for any extra help!

• Clean Up Crew

If you have time to volunteer we always need additional helpers!  Attached is a "share your expertise form" that you can complete if you have a special interest, hobby or talent you'd like to share with our children or young adults.  It takes MANY MANY people to educate successful children.  This form can be used by parents or any community member who is interested so please feel free to pass it along!

Patty McGuire,
Feb 24, 2011, 6:34 AM