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   HFL HS Faculty Lounge Makeover  
The HS PTA Teacher Appreciation Committee has been very busy this summer sprucing up the 2nd Floor B wing Teachers' Lounge. 
They painted the lounge & both bathrooms, shampooed the carpets, removed old broken furniture, and then reorganized the area. 
Their goal was to make this area useful as both a copy/storage area, and a restful place for the teachers to go during a break.

A huge thank you to Tracey McGrath, Maggie Robb and Dawn Stout 
for the hard work 
and many hours spent on this amazing project!

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HS PTA Contacts 
Chairperson:  GiGi Correll
Treasurer:  Linda Goodrum
Fundraising:  Diane Crane
Website Chair:  Patty McGuire
Teacher Appreciation:  
Tracey McGrath
Maggie Robb
Dawn Stout