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Winchester Public Schools
Winchester Public Schools

Wells Fargo Crew
Wells Fargo Crew



TEAM 1: Norris Village Prep and Paint 

Program: Scrape, prep, and paint four remaining NV rental cottages

Volunteers: 24

TEAM 2: Community Garden / Playground

Program: Using existing garden design, level and prepare ground for garden, trim tree limbs to increase sun, construct pathways, install fencing, build Habitat signage, and create flower garden/bench for memorial

Volunteers: 6-8

TEAM 3: Norris Village Sign Landscaping and Weeding 

Program: Mulch and plant hardy perennial flowers around the NW sign, and weed the existing rental units

Volunteers: 4

TEAM 4: Lawn Care

Program: Cut the grass and basic lawn maintenance on our Affiliate-owned properties

Volunteers: 4 

TEAM 5: Repaint Dog Bowl Stands

Program: Need to sand and repaint dog bowl stands to increase salability at ReStore

Volunteers: 1

TEAM 6: Trash Pick-Up

Program: Select designated streets for community-wide trash pick-up

Volunteers: 8

TEAM 7: ReStore Reorganization Day 

Program: In advance of the ReStore’s 10th Anniversary, we will reorganize the entire store, move racking, clean, and tidy the entire store, top to bottom.

Volunteers: 14

TEAM 8: Millwood Repair Program

Program: Look to acquire a select number of small-scale projects from Millwood Association and use a skilled crew leader from Clarke, along with United Way supervisor, to oversee work.