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Yes, there are Bass in Hawaii!!

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Are you interested in trying to fish in a bass tournament but not sure if you want to join a bass club to do so, then check out one of our monthly tournaments.  The HFFA holds monthly cash tournaments open to all anglers.  Please contact us for more information


Next HFFA Tournament -  02/17

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The HFFA holds monthly fishing tournaments in the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area which also includes the privately owned Lake Wilson, located in Wahiawa Hawaii.  The club focuses on catching the more popular introduced game fishes, the Tucunare or Peacock Bass , Largemouth Bass and the Smallmouth Bass.  If you don't have a boat, not to worry, we have a non-boater draw system that allows you to fish with a boater.  Contact us for more information.

Fish that are caught are kept alive in live-wells until they can be weighted and then released unharmed back into the Lake.  The minimum size for weigh-in is 10" long measured from the fork to the tip of the nose.

HFFA promotes strong conservation and perpetuation of fishing for future generations with their catch and release tournaments. All tournaments are fished using only artificial lures, no live bait is allowed.  Fishing at the Wahiawa Reservoir/Lake Wilson requires a fresh water fishing license that can be obtained at various locations. 

The monthly tournaments are limited to an aggregate three bag limit of all species of fish.  Points are awarded to all anglers and their catch weights, and points earned count towards the Tournament Grand Master perpetual trophy, awarded to the angler with the highest point total (and bragging rights) as most consistent angler of the year. 

The culmination of the year long tournaments is the Tournament of Champions (TOC).  To be eligible to fish in the two day TOC tournament held in January, an angler must fish in at least five monthly tournaments and finish in the top 10 among all anglers in point total for the year.  An angler can also qualify for the TOC as long as they fished in the minimum amount of tournaments (5) and wins first place in one of the monthly point tournaments, or is the defending champion of the previous TOC tournament. 

HFFA also recognizes outstanding catches throughout the year:  These include the Club Record for the angler who catches a club record of any species, the Perpetual Bass and Tucunare trophy for the largest Bass or Tucunare of the year, Six Pound Trophy - Bass or Tucunare, Junior Bass or Tucunare Trophy, Junior Fisherman of the Year, Lunker Patches ( Bass or Tucunare over five pounds) and the Sportsman of the Year Trophy, selected by the general membership. 

More Information About The HFFA 

The Hawaii Freshwater Fishing Association (HFFA) started in 1971, was organized to foster, expand and perpetuate the sport of freshwater fishing and the spirit of good fellowship among all fisherman. HFFA encourages all anglers to comply with  the "Hawaii Fish and Game Regulations " in securing better fishing privileges and conditions for fishermen, and to cooperate with all conservation organizations in the conservation of fresh water fish.  

HFFA promotes various types of fresh-water competitions and adopts and enforces uniform rules, regulations, conditions and methods to satisfy the needs of the membership and to serve in the interest of the advancement of the use of sport fishing tackle in all its aspects. (History of HFFA found in about us).

In addition to the three popular bass species  Bass, largemouthBass, peacock (Tucunare) and Bass, smallmouth (current State records listed, HFFA club records), other introduced game species of fish found in Wahiawa Reservoir/Lake Wilson included the  Bluegill Sunfish and Channel Catfish. Many other species of fish found in Hawaii fresh waters that have been introduced include the the Oscar, Pongee, Puntat,Carp and Tilapia.  

Some species introduced into Wahiawa Reservoir/Lake Wilson are castaways from residents taking home aquarium fish and releasing these into the water such as red neck slider turtles, needle fish, picasimus and the red devil, (a type of cichlid) have become well established in Hawaii waters.

For more information about the history of the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area/Lake Wilson and fishing in Hawaii, checkout the Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) website for fishing rules and regulations for the Wahiawa Public Fishing Area and Lake Wilson.

Mike's Lunker 7 lb LMB 

Garey's 3lb 11oz Tuc
                              Gary 3.68 Tucunare
               5.37 LMB 1/20/13

         Robert with 'Bob" 7.45lbs

   Lance finding the pot of Gold on beautiful Lake Wilson




What's Best About Our Club?

The Hawaii Freshwater Fishing Association supports conservation of game species in their catch and release tournaments.  Optional use of barbless hooks and best practices for live-wells ensure that fish that are caught  remain in a healthy condition until they are  weighed and released back into the lake with as little stress as possible.

     Alec's 4lb Tucunare

5.17 Tuc 1/20/13

Chris' 5.17 1/20/13

Morris 5.68 LMB
      Art 4.62 Tucunare