It's been a while since this website was updated.  We've added a few pictures of our members cars and trucks but the information page has been neglected.  To be honest, we had a bad experience with Go Daddy.  They sold the HFD Street Machines domain name right out from under us.  We were told that websites that have moderator to heavy site visits will draw some companies to that website, buy the domain name then resell it for profit.  The HFD Street Machines domain was sold to a Japanese company.  As we are not for profit, there was no real possibility of regaining the domain, even though Go Daddy violated our contract.  

The good news is, we're still here as well as on Facebook.  The HFD Street Machines Facebook page is updated daily.  Car shows and other information can be found there and is current.  We will continue to add photos and update information about our activities on Facebook.  This website will remain active and updated, as time allows. 

Stay safe and hope to see you out on the street.

HFD Street Machines
2013 Houston AutoRama

The 54th Annual Houston AutoRama was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center over Thanksgiving weekend.  The show opened to the public on Thursday, November 28th and ended on Sunday, December 1, 2013.  This show brings out the Best of the Best from all across the United States.  Four members of the HFD Street Machines entered their vehicles in the show with all four receiving awards in their respective class. 

Donnie Archibald - 1967 Chevy C10
 Donnie Archibald - 1967 Chevy C10
                                  Conservative Custom Truck
                                  4th Place

Joey Dupree - '77 Chevy Pro-Street Truck

Joey Dupree - 1977 Chevy Pro-Street Truck
                        Street Machine Truck
                        2nd Place


Lin Harris - '69 Chevy C10

Lin Harris - 1969 Chevy C10
                     Semi-Custom Truck
                     3rd Place

Russell Harris - '68 Chevy C10

Russell Harris - 1968 Chevy C10
                           Mild Custom Truck
                           2nd Place