Whether it's the best of free digital TV or radio channels you want, or breath-taking high definition (HD) subscription-free, freesat gives you the lot.

 Freesat has over 140 digital channels and services, including TV, radio and interactive. And because innovation is at the heart of freesat, we'll keep your digital box automatically updated with any additional channels and services - with no need to retune.

 Subscription-free HD means something a little extra special on top - incredible colour, amazing sound and crystal clear images. So when you're watching live sport, it'll feel like you're right there on the sidelines. And when you turn on the latest drama, you'll feel like you've stepped on to the set.

 The system of satellite tv SKY DIGITAL, is available in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, southern Europe through the satellite ASTRA2 in position 28 º East.

So you can acess channels of SKY DIGITAL in Algarve, Portugal, will need an installation of a parabolic dish 133cm in iron for free-view, 140cm in aluminium for sky box, the best size is 180cm in aluminium. You need subscribe to the service in England to the operator SKY. You may also receice free channels through the digitibox.

 Our company is specialist in plant system for satellite tv reception for this service have good prices and the best professional service. Our company has over 10 years of experience in telecommunications networks and systems of cable TV and satellite TV. Was purchased have experience with work for the largest telecommunications companies in Portugal, as Cabovisão, PORTUGAL TELECOM, ZON TVCABO.

 All services of facilities for satellite tv we made in 24 hours after application. Our facility includes a warranty and service assistance for 2 years, this service during the 2 years, the customer will not pay any cost of maintenance.
You will also need a satellite receiver of Freesat.

 To see the channels available lfreesat web site



freesat box 149€

freesat box HD 299€