Being a teenager is hard. Being in middle school sucks (for almost everyone). Having any kind of "disorder" or "syndrome" just makes both of those things harder and more challenging.

My son is a teenager, in middle school, and he is High Functioning Autistic (HFA or Aspie) with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder

(ADHD). During a time when social awareness, reading social cues and body language and relating with your peers is of the utmost importance, my son doesn't do any of those things well.  He's spent the past 14 years learning when I'm sad or mad and that's only because I have been telling  him how I feel for 10 of those years.  As you can imagine, none of his peers regularly verbalize how they're feeling, so more often than not, my son is clueless.  So, needless to say, he's struggled with the social aspects of middle school and the emotional and social transformation from childhood to young adulthood.  

Possibly because of the social struggles at school, he's never enjoyed being there and so has avoided everything related to school (classwork, homework, participating, etc.) since kindergarten.  His ADHD also plays a role in his poor school performance.  The first 2-3 years he could barely keep himself in his seat for more than 5 minutes and so wasn't learning anything.  We tried medication (stimulants), and while he did stay in his seat, because he was basically a zombie, he was a zombie that wasn't learning anything.  Nonetheless, he missed the foundation and core of his education and without it, every year has been a struggle and a game of catch up.

That being said, there is a flip side of not being able to read people, which is he either can't tell when someone is making fun of him or he just doesn't care.  Emotionally, my son is a flat-line, never super sad, but never super happy either.  So, even if he is aware someone is making fun of him, mocking him, saying mean, horrible, cruel things to him - it typically doesn't bother him too much.  I can't say the same for how it makes me feel!