Sunghwan Bae

Samsung Electronics, Korea

Sogang Univ., Korea

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Sunghwan Bae is currently working at Samsung Electronics as a senior engineer. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering at Sogang University in Fall 2017, and received the B.S. degree in both Electronic Engineering and Business Administration from the same university in Fall 2012. His research interests are cognitive radio networks, LTE-LAA, energy trading of smart grid, and game theory in wireless communications. He was a member of IT consultants at Wireless Business Unit (WBU), Texas Instruments Korea in 2011.

Journal papers
  • High penetration ....
  •  S. Bae, .... , working paper. 

Selected conference proceedings
  • Coalition–based bidding strategies for integrating renewable energy sources in electricity market
     S. Bae, S. Ryu, and H. Kim, IEEE PES General Meeting, 2017, pp. 1-5.
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