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Everyday Mathematics
The Cedar Falls School District has implemented the Everyday Mathematics math series. Here are some websites that may be helpful to parents and teachers.

The following are math websites that provide fun and interactive practice for many different mathematics facts.


Batter Up Baseball - Practice addition and multiplication facts.

Lemonade Larry - Practice your multiplication skills by buying lemonade from Larry.

Basket Math - Practice with all math skills in game form.

Multiplication games - Multiplication.com has a lot of games, activities and worksheets to help you learn your multiplication facts.

Cool Math 4 Kids
- This site also has games, brain benders and puzzles that practice all math skills.

A+ Math - Flashcards to practice multiplication tables, math games, and math worksheets. Become a Math Whiz!

Aunty Math - Every other week a word problem is posted for you to solve. Email Aunty Math with your answer and an explanation of how you solved it, and she will give you feedback.

Brain Teasers - Each week this site posts a new problem in three levels of difficulty. Hints are also provided, and the solution is posted the following week.

Figure This!
- An awesome math site for students & families. It gives math challenges and answers to everyday problems.


Cool Math 4 Kids - Explanations for fraction practice.

AAAMath Fractions - Everything you need to know about fractions!


Measure It! - Practice measuring with inches and centimeters.

Play "Bang On Time"
- Stop the hands of the clock!


Identify Geometric Shapes - Have fun searching and learning the geometric shapes.


Disclaimer: The external links from this site are not controlled by the Cedar Falls School district or Ms. Hewett,and are subject to change at any time. Their inclusion within this page does not in any way reflect the policies of the Cedar Falls School district. These links are made on good faith that the people in control of them have only the best intentions.  If you have a concern about any of these sites, please e-mail Ms. Hewett.