The Order of Independent Trade              

Description: The Order of Independent Trade is a militant corporation based out of the Hevvrol Sector.  The Order had existed for many years as a paramilitary group isolated to the Cularin and Kalabra asteroid belts.  In-fighting with the Privateers of the Red Fury Brotherhood and Confederate Military kept the group in relegated to the shadows for almost for almost a decade.  After the fall of the Corporate Alliance to the Zann Corporation in Year 18, the Order used the crumbled remains of the Corporate Alliance infrastructure in Glom Tho to take control of the Hevvrol Sector trade routes.  Initially using the facade of a mining company, the group was able to insert itself into the Confederate Network and prosper as a pseudo-official faction.

While initially business was good, soon the excessive taxation and regulation of the Confederacy stagnated the corporation.  The Order began to rely on the CIS for contracts and funding, basically become a slave to the small Government, Looking to regain its freedom and independence, the Order agreed to an armistice with their rival, the Red Fury.  With the economic influence of the Order and the strength of the Brotherhoods fleet, the group was able to quickly bring down the Confederacy. Under the banner of the Hevvrol Federation, the small alliance abolished taxes and pushed the ideals of freedom and economic growth.

Today, Order of Independent Trade is responsible for managing the economic needs of the Hevvrol Federation. Partnering with Kutol-Chan Industrial, the Order works on not only providing Galactic Market access, trade facility management and blueprint rentals to the public but also assist in providing inexpensive ships and facilities for general sales. There are rumors that the Order may participate in Ryll sales and the manufacture of illicit substances, but these reports cannot be confirmed.

Leader: Garth Rendar
Second In Command: Unknown
Services: General Market Access, Trading Management, Blueprint Rentals, Raw Material Sales