Welcome to the Federation

The Hevvrol Federation is a group of mercenary factions and business who came together in a time of conflict to help spread the idea of free trade and open port.  The Federation is neutral and is in no way shape or form a government body.  In fact, the member states tend to want nothing to do with governments.  The Federation has no place in dictating to its member states on how they operate, instead, it serves more as a loose alliance to encourage cooperation.

The Federation was formed to fight the tyranny that had held control of the Hevvrol Sector for almost a decade.   Founded on the ashes of the Corrupt Confederacy of Independent Systems in Year 18, the Federation forces are made from a combination of troops and equipment from four independent groups: Red Fury Brotherhood, The Order of Independent Trade, Kutol-Chan Industrial and, most recently, AeroTech.  After singing an Armistice with its long-time foes, the Red Fury initiated the move, taking control of key facilities and cities and forced the CIS Government to Disband.   With the CIS forces gone, Control of most of the space was handed over to Kutol-Chan Industrial.  The remaining ex-CIS sectors were decided among the Federation members.  

Focusing on free economics and individual sovereignty, Member states of the Federation declare openly that they aggressively pursue any sentient who tries to mess with them.  They do not recruit nor do they want sentients in their midst who wish to just sit and get a paycheck.  The Hevvrol Federation is a harbor of free trade and economics for any like minded people in the galaxy. 

Tasked with keeping the systems safe and productive, the Federation operates out of the asteroid fields in the Cularin, and Kalarba Systems as well as the land bases in the Mondress and Vasuuli Sectors.