Hairdressing Educators & Teachers Fellowship (HETF)


The Hairdressing Educators & Teachers Fellowship (HETF) is a group of likeminded educators / teachers with members all over the country. Its intention is to act as a support group for hairdressing educators / teachers, by using its network to offer encouragement and assistance to, often otherwise, isolated hairdressing educators / teachers.

The Fellowship was formed in September 2013 at an Annual Symposium of hairdressing educators / teachers which was attended by over sixty delegates. Those delegates voted to form a management committee which consisted of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The Fellowship’s primary purpose is to endeavour to improve the overall standard of hairdressing education in Ireland. It will do this by supporting the educators / teachers through the free exchange of information resulting in, and striving for, a standard of hairdressing education second to none in Europe. Unlike other organisations, whose motives are financial, the Fellowship is a non-profit group which hopes to build a pool of resources which will be available, free of charge, to its members.

The Fellowships motto is 'Excellence through Fellowship'. To achieve this, the Fellowship plans to use the knowledge and expertise of its own membership plus, if necessary, that of external advisors to achieve its overall goal of improving the national standard of hairdressing education in Ireland. To accomplish this goal the Fellowship will administer an Annual Symposium ('The Maura Clarke Hairdressing Symposium'). The Symposium will have two separate objectives, a) to deliver information relevant to the teaching of hairdressing and b) to provide information relevant to the Fellowship.

The Fellowship will be open to all educators / teachers involved in the delivery of a recognised qualification in hairdressing, who meet with the Fellowship’s entry requirements. All members are encouraged to offer for consideration to the Fellowship, any information that they feel might be a beneficial teaching tool which can then be passed to the members.