Simple Character Introduction

Simple Character Introduction

(note: Some of these translations are inaccurate, and most of the grammar is kind of wonky...since I kind of did them really late and really quickly.  

I might update them eventually.)

(You can also check the massive collection of Volume 2 scanlations here for better translations.)


Italy (Veneziano)

Feliciano Vargas, Age 20, 172 cm

In the story, Veneziano is very different from his older brother.

He's a cheerful Latin boy who loves pasta and women and can be a little bit of a crybaby.

He relies on Germany a lot but doesn't really listen to what he says.

He has a physiological phenomenon of sometimes leaking out the mysterious sound "Ve".

He gets his aesthetic sense from Grandpa Rome, causing him to very much love painting, singing and designing clothes.


Ludwig, Age 20, 180 cm

A young man with a too-serious personality and a pessimistic nature.

His hobbies are reading, making sweets and taking walks with dogs, and he also is very by-the-book, thinking that something very unpleasant will happen if you don't rely on books and navigators.


He likes cleanliness.  He also has no other ideas for recycling.

Everyone thinks that him having 3 dogs is really tough.

Even nowadays he seems to be telling Italy things and looking over him.



Honda Kiku, Age secret, 165 cm


The country of floating soldiers in the Orient.

Quiet and serious, but because he's a little straight-laced his surroundings are kind of show-off-y.

He's good at messing with machines and drawing.


Including the fact that even though he is an island nation, the reason he had a time when he stayed indoors always was because he wanted to keep the uniqueness of his culture and atmosphere.

Him thinking that that's normal is pretty not normal.


Alfred F. Jones, Age 19, 177 cm

A young man that's cheerful and powerful, with a strong sense of justice.

Because he's young and has an excess of power, he often can't read situations and has a habit of running around quickly, making his only friends England and Japan.

His Boss is an alien and his friend, and he messes around with UFOs a lot, but even though he's such a strange country, he can't see England's unicorns and fairies.


His hobbies are archeology and quick draw.  He also likes filming movies, but he often receives nothing but criticism, so he never wants to share them with England.

He got his sense of taste from England, so he loves strangely-colored sweets.

Lately he's just been inventing lots of mysterious utensils for dieting.



Arthur Kirkland, Age 23, 175 cm

A young man with an obstinate and sarcastic personality, who has lots of rain and was a former delinquent.

He likes cooking but he doesn't have any repertoire, and his food isn't edible to begin with.

He's good friends with fairies and ghosts, tries black magic and summoning and is a bit of an occultist.

(Even though America calls them illusions...)


His drinking habits are strangely bad.  He likes black tea and embroidery.

Also, now and then he likes to paint portraits of of axles. 

There's also that one bit about how, ever since forever ago, he's been fighting with France.



Francis Bonnefoy, Age 26, 175 cm

A young man who does things at his own pace and has an abundance of affectionate expressions.

He has no hesitation in bragging about French being the language of love.

He brags about being a gourmet, but his food is pretty fierce.

He loves culture and the arts, as well as paintings and clothing and people, and, well, anything that's beautiful.

He'll go for beautiful men and women of any age, and maybe even some non-human beings.


Ever since forever ago, he's fought with England, but he thinks, "As long as it's quiet, it's fine right?"

But he loves himself so much he won't learn English.



Wang Yao, Age 4000 (immortal)


Seeing him like this makes you think he’s a grandpa or an immortal or something.

Here and there, he tries to act like an older brother, but he isn’t treated like one at all.

He’s a vacation spot for the world, but he’s always trying to run away from Korea’s house.


He’s strangely good at drawing beautiful humans, but when you see his animal characters, you get the feeling you’ve seen them somewhere before.

He’s currently obsessed with using strange Japanese words for candy. 



Ivan Braginski, Age unknown, 182 cm


A varied and huge northern country.  He loves Vodka.

He has the simplicity of a country bumpkin and the cruelty of a child mixed together. 

A young man that, even without saying anything gives off an intimidating air.

He pulls out water pipes and puts stuff that you shouldn’t normally put in there inside them, like rice balls, which he then eats like its ordinary.


A long time ago, under the warmth of the sunlight, he spent his time surrounded by sunflowers. 

When will be the day that he realizes how he yearns for this lifestyle…?



Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Age 25


Formally the country of passion where the sun never set. 

He has a cheerful and passionate personality, with a big heart and can be a bit (significantly) thickheaded.

It’s a bit easy to run circles around him.


He can be pretty random sometimes, but if he were to describe himself he would say he’s recklessly burning with passion through and through.

He’s strangely affectionate to Romano.


South Italy (Romano)

Lovino Vargas, Age 22-23


The pasta-and-women-loving, kinda grumpy-looking older Italian brother.

He often charges at the questionably bad Germany who is often between the two siblings, but compared to his appearance, he’s a coward and a useless crybaby who can’t do anything important.


Because of the time when Spain was his leader, he kind of takes after Spain on culture, customs and religion. 

Because he’s undermined by the Mafia, he sees the world in a very slanted view.

He’s pretty frivolous in front of girls, but as for guys…

There’s the physiological phenomenon when you pull on his curl and he says “chigigi”.



Elizaveta Héderváry


Opposite of her appearance, she is a gallant girl who used to be a nomad.

She’s a lovely older sister-type whom you can rely on if you call for her.  But she’s scary if you become her enemy.

Usually she behaves very gracefully, but sometimes a face that shouldn’t appear, appears.

She’s probably the manliest in this comic.


Even now, she still does a lot of things with Austria.

She and Romania are like cats and dogs.



Roderich Edelstein


A “young master” that likes music and cake.  He seems showy but he’s a frugal person.

Austria’s glasses are kind of like his music.  If you take them off, he seems pretty simple.

The one hair that sticks out is Mariazell, so it changes sometimes.

His personality is, for better or worse, very “young master”-ish, so his expression doesn’t change much.


When he stood on top of the Holy Roman Empire, he was pretty aloof at first, but as the years went by one by one he gently went in a strange direction, got married too much and was dragged into many burdens, being kicked out and taken in and being a generally busy person.

He’s hopeless when it comes to direction.



Gilbert Weillschmidt


A country that was born to fight the same battles as Austria, but opposite of Austria he managed to avoid any marriages and do nothing but fight, so he’s kind of a hooligan.

He’s very loyal to his leaders, and loves Old Man Fritz.

A young man who’ll use any means to become strong.


He affectionately calls Germany “West”.  Also, he hates Russia.


St. Maria Order  → Teutonic Knights  → (Some other stuff)  → Prussia  → is basically how it went down.



Toris Lorinaitis, Age 19


Poland’s partner.

It feels like he’s usually just dragged around by him, but he has a good time.

He’s pretty serious with a lot of patience, but he usually thinks too much, gets depressed and gives himself a stomachache.

During the time of the Soviet Union, it was like waking up to a strange theme park being built.

Anyway, after gaining independence from Russia, he’s currently rehabilitating with Poland.



Feliks Łukasiewicz, Age 19


Lithuania’s partner.

Although he seems pretty goofy, if you think about it, he’s also got some varying parts.

He has a fierce anxiety towards strangers, and upon first meeting will have trouble talking and act very shy. 

Once he gets used to you, it’s bad.  He’ll never let go.

Also, he’ll be very forceful with his opinions.



Raivis Galante, Age 15


A boy who is a bit of an introvert and a withdrawn crybaby.

You get the feeling he’s been involved in a lot of strange things.

When his dependence on Russia was at its highest,  he tried and tried and failed at trying to cut ties.

Right now he just wants a close friend.


He looks as such, but he’s pretty much a heavy drinker.



Eduard Von Bock, Age 17


The Baltic honors student who has avoided many a problem with an eternity of wit.

Usually in front of people he acts calm, logical, and businessman-like, but in private he’s pretty calm. 

With Finland he usually has some strange festivals and gets all pumped up.


His dependence on Russia is low.  He’s awesome with IT (Information Technology).



Natalia (Natasha) Alfroskaya


Russia’s younger sister who has a bit of a harsh atmosphere. 

She keeps sending Russia her deep love, but it’s never really returned.




Russia’s older sister who always recklessly gets dragged into a mess.



Vash Zwingli, Age 18


His territory is a mountainous area blessed with crops, and because he’s held between strong nations in every direction that all followed a history of hardships, he tries to hold a different sort of honor and involvement.


He’s always cool and undisturbed, but Germany and Italy keep throwing him off his groove.

He’s very loving towards Liechtenstein.




A young lady under the care of Switzerland.  She’s very clever.

She has a very humble and adult personality, but she will always clearly state her views.

She’s pretty high-tech.



Tino Väinämöinen, Age 20


Moimoi.  A gentle young man with simplistic tenacity.

He seems very adult-like, and if you start talking with him it’ll last forever.    

Also, he’s strangely strong in the cold.  But he also loves saunas.


His awesome strength at the scene of a fire isn’t half-assed.

He likes to have really strange festivals.

But his friend Estonia snatched the Leader position from him.



Berwald Oxenstierna, Age 21


A guy with an intimidating air who doesn’t talk much and is difficult to understand.

On the inside he’s playful, but it doesn’t show at all and he just seems scary.


There was also a time when he was called the Supreme Ruler of Scandinavia, but nowadays he’s calmed down and put a lot of strength into welfare.


He likes being a “weekend carpenter” and decorative arts.  He also likes arguing.




A mysterious boy with a cool exterior and a hot interior.

A very different country compared to the rest of Europe.


Because he’s recently caught a cold, he’s been suspicious of Russia’s extreme gentleness.

Until his fever goes down, he’ll accept the kindness, but…


Sadiq Annan


A masked uncle with a lively personality who speaks like a Tokyoite. 

He’s absurdly passionate, friendly and merry.

But he’s kind of stubborn about some weird stuff.

Oddly, he likes sweet things, baths, and entertaining tourists.


He doesn’t get along with Greece at all, and his competitive nature makes him always compete in stuff.



Heracles Karpusi, Age 27


Inside his seemingly carefree head, he’s endlessly thinking about philosophical things, cats, and naps. 

He loves cats. 

Also, he has the world’s longest national anthem.

He really hates Turkey.  Even as he’s reluctantly made peace with his surroundings, they’ll quickly fight again.


If you dig in his garden, you’ll find lots of precious historic ruins from his mother, so he doesn’t build any subways or modern buildings.

Lately, Albania has just been coming over to his house arbitrarily, so he’s been worrying about some sensitive things.



Gupta Muhammad Hassan


An individual young man with a mysterious atmosphere.

He’s got various good conditions and is pretty stubborn, but in reality he’s friendly and family-minded. 

Like Greece, if you dig you can find lots of mementoes from his mother, so he thinks it’s fine if he can’t really modernize. 


You can’t really observe him talking.







Matthew Williams


An easygoing, softhearted and gentle young man. 

The polar bear Kumajirou is always with him.

They’ve been together for so long without even knowing about each other, so he can’t remember his name.


He hates being mistaken for America, so he tries to show the appeal for Canada in various ways, but…

He hates fighting, but his neighbor is his neighbor, so when will he be able to live in peace…?



A good-humored, nice big brother with strong emotions.

He doesn’t get along with America, but with Canada he’s pretty friendly.




A strong-willed and fashionable girl.  Lately she can’t stop worrying.



Im Yong Soo, Age 15-16


A young man who shouts “~da ze!” and is always “Going My Way”.

It’s a daily occurrence for him to try and claim he is the origin of things.

He usually says “da ze!”, but for the custom of cherishing your elders, he uses very polite language for people above him.


His hobbies include studying abroad and watching dramas.  Seems like he also likes Canada…

He loves the internet and games.


Hong Kong


A recently returned, previous English colony.

His personality is that of which you can’t really tell what he’s thinking, and his way of talking is a mix of English and Japanese, making it seem a little Gyaru-o. 


When he was under control of England, he often lit firecrackers at festivals, startling him and thus getting a giant scolding.




A beautiful island floating in the Indian Ocean that is often called “The Last Paradise”. 

She’s a southern country girl with the characteristics of light brown skin, black hair and red ribbons, and a personality of a maybe-too-big heart and a little bit of sloppiness.


She’s achieved 0% self sufficiency with food, and often laments over her high cost of living, but she’s visited by France and England a lot so she’s still living pretty carefree.

She speaks a mysterious language that has French, English and various other languages mixed in together.



Peter Kirkland, Age 12


The miracle tiniest nation (still unrecognized) that was an aftereffect of England’s out in the ocean and became a country at some point.

A boy that runs around kind of recklessly and uses the expression, “~na no desu yo”.


He’s got a small body, but it’s entirely made of steel so he can shoot a Rocket Punch and also boast at a probably unreasonable level.

Lately, he’s been selling Noble Ranks to America and Japan, but he’s still been doing pretty good.

He prefers a pleasant internet.  Seems like he’s selling his Prince, too.




Grandpa Rome (Rome-jii-chan)


The lively supreme ruler of the Mediterranean Sea.  He has a lot of stupid grandchildren.

He loves painting, sculptures, music and the arts exceedingly, and also young, cute girls and delicious food.

When he sees a strong dude, he overflows with excitement.


He had so much love, he fell in love with both Greece’s mom and Egypt’s mom at first sight.




Holy Roman Empire and others’ Grandpa. 

He had unpleasant ties to Grandpa Rome, where they rotted too much and became nothing but bones.

His personality is rough, and the number of words he says is low.  There was also a time when he was Rome’s guard.


He delivered the fatal blow to Grandpa Rome, and the many years that passed are lost in the darkness.


Holy Roman Empire


The aftereffect of Germania-san.  He seems pretty strong, but he has a weak constitution. 

He ran around very earnestly for about a hundred years.

He loved Italy so much that his house crumbled and he didn’t even care.

Thanks to Austria’s leaders he was able to recover, but because of frequent hardships, he himself began to crumble.