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Welcome to the Hetalia Indexes!

This is a very simple website -- it contains organized tables with links to all the comics of the online manga Axis Powers Hetalia, along with links to English scanlations of each comic. 

The scanlations were made by various members of the Livejournal community Hetalia, which has been around since May 2008.  This website was first made on November 5, 2008.

Here are some common problems to look out for while reading: 
  • Some of the comics are marked as (LOCKED).  This means you will have to join the Livejournal community in order to read them.  Please check here if you need help.  Those that are marked [locked], however, are from a different community, so I recommend you read them at the alternate link provided.

  • Sometimes, the Photobucket accounts of some users get screwed up due to bandwidth issues or something else.  In such a case, you should just look at the Hetalia Scanlations website, where all the comics are backed up!

If you need any other help or find a different problem, please feel free to contact me (Nisecal) by e-mail, or make a comment on the suggestions post!  日本語はOKです!


Thanks for visiting!