Teams and Applying

How can I particpate?
Participants can simply sign up for the team and position they want on the day of the event. There will be no screening and no limit sizes to the teams. There are no other requirements to participate. Simply find wherever the UN Flag is flying and sign up for a Team badge and Delegate Guide with more background information on the topic and FAQ.

However, the top two leadership positions in each team, such as US President or Soviet Secretary General must be be applied for in advance. There are 6 top positions possible. If some of them are not filled by application, then they will be open on the day of the event.

If you apply and are appointed to one of these leader positions, which have SPECIFIC NAMES, you are expected to adhere to that "personality": their interests, their views, their fears etc (at least try!). All other positions can be played "non canonically" or in MUN terms, non-policy.

How can I apply for a Team leadership role?
MUN delegates are usually expected to write a whole essay outlining the policy of the Nation they are  assigned to represent which has to be approved before they even set foot in the door! But for Hetamun, we're keeping it to the minimum:
  1. What is your position towards the other two teams and the Background Event? (ie, if applying for US President Ronald Reagan, what is your view of the other teams? how would he react to the crisis?)
  2. What is your overall plan for handling the crisis with only the facts revealed? (this time, You: you personally, not as Reagan. But you can use him and others in history as a template)
    Piece of cake if you go just a little bit beyond Wikipedia. You will get a reply shortly. If you aren't approved right away, don't be discouraged, your statement may just need some clarification.
    • The leadership positions will be posted just before the Event.
    What are the Teams and positions?
    Please see the individual Team Pages for more information:

    Subpages (3): UN USA USSR