Hetalia MUN Conference II - Los Angeles 2010

Hetalia Day

Hetalia Day is a Fandom Movement to celebrate itself all over the world on a single day. It is held on the anniversary the day the United Nations Charter entered into effect: October  24, 1945. The day has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948 and was recommended by the General Assembly to be observed as a public holiday throughout member states in 1971. Though traditionally celebrated by meetings, discussions and exhibits on the achievements and goals of the UN, Hetalia meet-ups were held around the world, and the  Southern California events included a test-run of what may hopefully grow into a larger HetaMUN Conference project.

Session II @ Beilenson Park at Lake Balboa, CA, USA

6300 Balboa Blvd, San Fernando Valley, CA 91406

We're back for Year 2 of the globally successful Hetalia Day celebrations and this year have a new experience and experiment in International Diplomacy. We're traveling back in time to October 24, 1984, a tense year after what seemed like a thaw in the Cold War. Instead of just roleplaying the United Nations General Assembly, participants can choose to be part of one of the largest rivals to ever rock the planet, the USA Cabinet or the USSR Politburo, as a crisis in Outer Space hits the news. It's going to be out of this world, filled with classified documents, stationed headquarters, and whatever the teams determine to throw at each other. See the topic page for more information!

Model United Nations

A way to role play war, politics, and business in an academic, moderated, and highly competitive atmosphere-- Peace in the Middle East. Judicial Trials of Refugee Dictators. Atomic Energy and Security. Clubs or classes usually train students in speech-making skills, negotiation tactics, and research to emulate the UN member nations they are assigned in various debate settings of the UN such as the General Assembly, International Court of Justice, Security Council, World Health Organization, and so on. You can find out more about it, or see if there is an MUN club near you at The Model United Nations WIki Page or the UN Cyber Schoolbus Page. MUN isn't always serious business though, as recent conferences have also crossed into the realm of more imaginative simulations such as the Roman Senate, historical congresses before the founding of the UN, and even Future Committees. If you're an experienced MUN-er or just interested in this unique LARP, you may want to check out the TV-Tropes page on MUN!


A way to role play topics with an emphasis on cultural character as parodied by the Hetalia webcomic and spinoff media created by Hidekaz Himaruya. The topics are proposed by fans and debated by fans and can come from anywhere in canon or today's current events: Sealand's admission to the UN, Re-Enactment of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, Prussia's Awesome Aggression, Economic Sanctions against French Porn. Heta-mun has slightly lower level of formality and competitiveness: It is more a way to re-enact the UN srsbidnez in a fun atmosphere, and introduce Hetalia Fans to the difficulties and rewards of public speaking, negotiation, resolution, political relationship building and much more.