Meet and Consult

Meet & Consult

Meet and Consult is an opportunity for the leadership of HETA and the District to get together once a month
and talk about issues, problems, and things that affect our students.  Common issues discussed are working 
conditions, school site issues that are not solved at the school site level during FAC, class sizes, facility reports,
and curriculum matters.  It is always HETA's desire to work with the District to solve problems at their lowest level.  

Grievances and negotiations are NOT on the agenda. These matters are usually solved during the grievance
process and during negotiations. However, some related issues may be discussed.

If there is a problem at your school site that is not a grievance, first take it to your FAC.  If it is not solved there, 
have your Communication's Representative bring the issue to the HETA Rep. Council.  It will then be discussed, 
and if necessary taken to Meet and Consult which is held the first Monday of each month.

Please feel free to email any of the HETA Executive Board Members if you feel you have an issue that is not
being dealt with properly or in a timely manner.

HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, December 5, 2011 – 3:30 p.m. 

District:         Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Michele Alexander 

HETA:            April Silva, Karen Peterson-Hulten, Jackie Raven, Mike Rogers

Absent:         Jody Patton

  1. Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment is 5,686; up from last month and holding steady since the first of November. Average year-to-date percentage approximately 96.5%. 
  1. Work-Related Injuries:  No certificated work-related injuries since November 7th. 
  1. Air Quality Task Force:  First meeting of the task force will occur in January 2012.
  1. Golf Tournament:  The annual golf tournament organized by the Educational Foundation has the sole purpose of raising funds to funnel back to classrooms. Teachers could help by: sharing the information about the golf tournament with someone who might be interested in participating or sponsoring; donating items to the silent auction; sponsoring a tee or; volunteering at the event. The golf tournament is a great public relations vehicle for the District and is always enjoyed by the participants. HETA agreed to “get the word out” and also discuss the possibility of sponsoring a tee from their outreach funds. 
  1. SARB: A recent article in the newspaper about a woman who was arrested in Lemoore for not sending her children to school triggered concerns about habitually truant HESD students. The District has recently analyzed absences and found that absences are primarily at the K-3 level. There is a lower incidence of chronic absences at the 4-6 grade level. Reviving our affiliation with the Kings County program raises issues of cost for program participation as well as balancing the District’s current utilization of a School Resource Officer through Hanford Police Department. Dr. Terry has discussed the matter with the County Superintendent and will make a decision on the District’s participation after December 15th.
  1. Portfolio Days:  Dr. Terry has discussed teachers’ proposals for Portfolio Day with the junior high principals. They are in agreement that the traditional “portfolio day” will be for 8th grade students only, with a separate activity required for 7th grade students. For the 8th grade, the District would like to split the event into two days and assign District administrators to “interview” 8th grade students. There may also be a second “interview” involved. This is a tentative proposal which will be finalized after the winter break.
  2. HETA Luncheon: The District proposed March 7th or 14th as the dates for the Luncheon; HETA chose Wednesday, March 14th at JFK. Michele Alexander will work with Jody Patton and Karen Peterson-Hulton to coordinate ordering lunches from Panera Bread.

HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, September 12, 2011 – 3:30 p.m.


District:         Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Michele Alexander 

HETA:            April Silva, Karen Peterson-Hulten, Jody Patton, Jackie Raven, Mike Rogers


  1. Work-Related Injuries:  Three (3) certificated work-related injuries since June 4th. No lost work time reported.
  1. Current Class Sizes: Enrollment is 5,686; down slightly from last year. 44 students fewer than projected enrollment at the time of balancing. The District will take at look at junior high school SDC class enrollments - one class has 17 students and another has 11.
  1. Follow up on HVAC (from May 2nd meeting):  A firm has been hired to evaluate the efficiency of the air conditioning units at MLK and Washington Schools to obtain information about whether the units are operating at optimum efficiency, whether an upgrade is recommended, and approximate costs of replacing the units.
  1. Classroom Standard #13:  Regarding the expense of using double-sided tape for securing student nametags to desks, clear packing tape or contact paper has been suggested as a cheaper alternative. A few teachers will pilot the use of the contact paper and Mr. Mulligan will evaluate.
  1. Involuntary Transfer Process:  In connection with preparation time allowed for a teacher who is involuntarily moved after the school year has started, Mrs. Williams reviewed the contractual language that allows a teacher to request up to three days of substitute release time or receive three days pay to allow for preparations by the affected teacher. A teacher is ordinarily notified on Wednesday of class closure and must be ready to teach a new class the following Monday. All teacher items will be moved to the teacher’s new location by the District.
  1. Videotaping Teachers: Regarding the videotaping of teachers and concerns that such videos may be used in an evaluative manner, the Superintendent stated that videos are not be used for evaluation purposes and that any videotaping used in an effort to improve teaching practice must be agreed to by the teacher. Evaluation procedures are clearly spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement and evaluations are based on announced and unannounced observations and not videotaped lessons.
    7. Students Paying for Textbooks:  Clarification was sought on the issue of reimbursement for lost text books. Specifically, why, if a student/parent reimburses the             District for a lost book, that book is not replaced in the teacher’s classroom set? Ms. Gabler explained that each student receives a book rather than a set amount             issued for each teacher. For math books, a “class set” was issued to each teacher that could be checked out to students during class. If those books go missing,                 they have not been replaced.

Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, April 12, 2010 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Cherie Solian, April Silva,

Absent: Alicyn Cawley


1.    Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment is currently 5554;


2.    Work-Related Injury Report:  Two work-related injuries (Washington, TRC) No lost work time


3.    Discuss air conditioning in portable-temperature regulation:  Teachers are concerned with level of control of temperature regulation. Mr. Mulligan expressed his concern for mismanagement of the control (i.e. hearing air conditioners still running late at night). Mr. Mulligan expressed that some teachers had been given some degree of leeway with thermostats. In an attempt to achieve some consistency across the district, HETA will gather information from sites so that Mr. Mulligan is aware of specific sites in need of review. Mr. Mulligan will consider teacher regulation of thermostat.


4.    Portfolio Day: Some concern has been expressed regarding elementary teachers attending this event at the junior high schools. Some strategies suggested to address concerns include: junior high teachers communicating with elementary teachers about the purpose of Portfolio Day, elementary teachers having prompts to help students experience success, and placing teachers with a group of students that had attended the teacher’s elementary school (former students of teacher’s home school).





RE:                   HETA Meet-and-Consult – Monday, March 1, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. 



  1. Receive work-related injury report.  (Mulligan)
  2. Review current class sizes.  (Simas)
  3. Discuss Classroom Demographics 2010-2011.  (Williams)
  4. Receive HESD’s school calendar proposal for 2010-11 school year.  (Simas)
  5. Discuss copy count limits for next year.  (HETA)
  6. Discuss teachers being recommended for non-reelection – the delivery of notices and the timetable to submit resignation.  (HETA)
  7. Receive information on the READY Program – will there be READY next year?  (HETA)
  8. Receive status of Fire Marshall Feedback – any updates or news?  (HETA)


Monday, February 1, 2010 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Mike Cherie Solian, April Silva,

Alicyn Cawley


1.    Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment is currently 5571; 3rd grade full, Kindergarten -very tight (Simas).


2.    Work-Related Injury Report:  Two work-related injuries (Richmond), no lost work time. 


3.    Employee Recognition Event:  No baby books this year, Diane Williams will send out guidelines for school site movies for event


4.    Budget Information: Negative Cost of Living (-.38), Revenue Limit Reduction $190 per student (approximately totaling 2.2 million)- no money for ELA adoption- If Race to the Top is put into place, national standards would be required, current adoption is California standards based. QEIA class size reduction moving up to sixth grade. More info to come regarding layoffs on March 3rd.


5.   FLI Program:  Possible solution to current class sizes would be moving the FLI Kindergarten over to Jefferson. This might be something that might happen in the future.


6.    HETA Luncheon:  Finalized at $2482.24, total of 276 orders placed


7.    HETA Scholarships:  HETA and CSEA will discuss sharing a time to recognize scholarship recipients at Employee Recognition.



Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, January 4, 2010 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander; absent: Gerry Mulligan

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, April Silva


  1. Work-Related Injury Report:  Two work-related injuries since December 4, 2009; no lost work time. 


  1. Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment today is 5530. Approximately 558 student absences; normally Monday absences are 300. Increased absences may be related to area districts with three week break so the District may consider matching area districts’ winter break schedule.


  1. Discipline - Revisit Earlier Concerns: Regarding the need for professional development to deal with on-going student discipline issues and alternatives to citations, Rick Morris is slated to present during the Professional Development Day in February. Mr. Morris has presented to new teachers for several years on classroom management; February session will be discipline-focused.


Update regarding progressive discipline steps at each campus.  Dr. Terry has spoken with principals about eliminating any confusion among teachers about the procedures at their individual school site.


  1. Jefferson School:  Draft charter document is being reviewed by administrative staff.  The current proposal revolves around a K-8 magnet program with a math/science overlay.  If it happens next year, the school will start small, approximately 3 grade levels; perhaps 5th – 7th.  The agreement for teachers who were transferred from Jefferson to return to Jefferson will be honored.


  1. Extra-Curricular Academic Activities for 2010-11: Is Peach Blossom still a possibility and what thoughts does the District have regarding reviving academic competitions and events for 2010-2011?  Participation in these activities can be positive, but the District does not have a budget for additional stipends and transportation costs for these events. 


  1. Autism Spectrum Disorders Authorization for Special Education Teachers:  Meetings will be held this week with special education teachers to review new requirements related to the Added Authorization in Autism. The District intends to offer the special education teachers the opportunity to achieve the added authorization at District expense with one-time only Federal stimulus funds.


  1. Internet Use - Streaming Music in the Classroom:  A memo is forthcoming regarding use of the internet (Pandora, etc.) for background music in the classroom. Teachers must use a CD player or radio for playing classroom music. Email and internet usage during instruction time is being reviewed.


  1. Race To The Top:  The District is up against a tight timeline to turn in the memorandum of understanding to the State regarding the District’s intent to participate in this Federally-funded initiative. Dr. Terry will communicate with April Silva about how the District decides to proceed.


Next Meet and Consult set for 3:30 p.m. on February 1, 2010

Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, December 4, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Mike Rogers, April Silva

Absent:  Alicyn Cawley


1.    Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment is currently 5561; 3rd grade impacted, 1st grade very tight.


2.    Work-Related Injury Report:  Two work-related injuries since October 5th, no lost work time. 


3.    Classroom Temperatures:  Teachers perceive temperatures in classrooms to be “colder than they should be” and are frustrated they cannot control air and heat settings in their individual classrooms. For energy savings purposes teachers are not able to control classroom air and heat. The heat is set on 70 degrees for classrooms during the “heat season”. At Hamilton School there are individual classroom units so teachers there may be able to control the heat within a couple of degrees. Sites will be checked to ensure they are properly set for 70 degrees for the “heat season”.


4.    Covering less than 30% of the classroom walls:  Some teachers report they have been told that, in accordance with the fire codes, paper from walls must be removed if more than 30% of the wall space is covered. The District has issued no direction to remove anything from the walls at this time. The fire department will begin a “walk- through” of District sites on December 21st. If there is concern with a specific classroom, the teacher will be notified.  Teachers request, that if the 30% rule is to be enforced, that they are given the reminder at the beginning of each school year. HETA requested that teachers be informed of what is happening with the inspection at the next staff meeting.


5.    Home Teaching:  Nine teachers have indicated interest in being considered for home teaching assignments.  The District will first ask the classroom teacher (where applicable) if they are interested in accepting the assignment before consulting the “pool” of teachers. A medical doctor must issue the order for home instruction and that illnesses can range from broken bones to cancer. An increase to the home teaching rate from $22 per hour to $30 per hour is being proposed and will be brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration. 


6.    HETA Luncheon:  HETA will purchase Panera Bread boxed lunches for teachers and administrators attending the February 22nd PD day this year. Michele Alexander will put together an email with some type of voting buttons/instructions to teachers. Attendees will not be ordering a specific item but will vote for the type of boxed lunch offered (full sandwich, full salad or vegetarian).


7.    Student Supplies:  Although teachers would like to give parents a list of items students need in class, Board Policy prohibits soliciting student supplies from parents because when that is done the result is not equitable for students.  


8.    Supplies for the year – quality and quantity:  There continues to be a feeling that the District is in a financial “crisis mode” with regard to supplies and therefore, supplies are not available to teachers. Several instances of teachers receiving poor quality products have resulted in teachers purchasing better quality items out of their own pocket. By the time teachers know a product is bad; there is a warehouse full of it. The District holds quarterly warehouse meetings to discuss and review products. The purchasing process must include the “teacher voice” and the District will follow-up to verify that the process of reviewing quality of supplies includes input from classroom teachers.  There has been no change to the site instructional supply budget at schools. If schools are running out of materials, the District needs to know what materials we are running out of and why.  Although some schools may have changed their procedure of offering “open stock” to teachers, there should be basic supplies available students. Additionally, teachers could be encouraged to ask other teachers if they are willing to share supplies that may have been issued but are not being utilized in their classroom.
Next Meet and Consult will be January 4, 2010.

Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, November 2, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Mike Rogers, April Silva

Absent:  Alicyn Cawley


  1. Work-Related Injury Report:  One work-related injury since October 5th, no lost work time. 


  1. Current Class Sizes:  Enrollment is 5575 total students.  Very few open spots at the K/1 level. 


  1. Discipline Discussion – Process, Documentation, Class Suspension:  Our practice is progressive discipline. While there are times when it is appropriate to move to suspension or even recommendation for expulsion immediately, the Education Code requires due process in connection with suspensions. A suggestion was raised that a task force could be formed to develop specific strategies for alternatives to citations. Need for professional development directed toward dealing with challenging student behaviors was also discussed.


  1. Class Size Reduction: Teachers want to be prepared regarding the future of class size reduction (“CSR”); specifically, the possibility of eliminating the program in HESD.  As long as current funding formulas are maintained and it works for the District financially, the District would like to retain CSR.  It is not likely that CSR would be eliminated mid-year because in order for the District to garner a savings, other provisions for teacher release would have to be changed. 


  1. Plans for Jefferson School:  The District is considering opening Jefferson School as a District-operated Charter.  The Superintendent is working on drafting a charter and within another month or so he expects to put together a panel to help review the draft.  By February or March, something may be ready to present to the Board of Trustees. Charter schools have a lot of the same restrictions as all public schools, but the primary advantage to developing a charter is the infusion of dollars resulting from Federal grant eligibility.  No firm decisions have been made regarding the space and no leadership positions have been decided.    


  1. School Supply Budget – Basic Supplies:  School site instructional supply budgets, although they were not given a COLA for this year, have not been changed or reduced.  Therefore paper, pencils, and basic supplies should be available for our students.   


  1. Leaves of Absences:  The contract between the District and HETA has no limit on the number of years a teacher can be on leave.  Each leave request is examined individually and everything is considered from tenure status to the reason for leave.  Any teacher, once on leave, is required to indicate their plans to return or request another year of leave no later than February of the prior year.


  1. Employee Recognition Event:  District personnel will soon begin planning the annual employee recognition event and are reviewing the program and costs including the giving of baby books. All agreed that the department/school site videos are a nice addition to the event. Guidelines pertaining to the videos will be developed and the videos will be previewed in advance.


Next Meet & Consult will be December 7, 2009.


Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, October 5, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Work-Related Injury Report: One work-related injury since September 14, 2009; no lost work time. 


2.    Current Class Sizes: District enrollment is stable at 5581; first grade classes across the district are full. McConnell is trying to decrease the SDC load at the 4-6 grade level. After that process is complete, a decision will be made about additional classroom aide support for special day classes.


3.  Watering Schedule: The District follows a watering schedule set by City of Hanford, and one watering day will be eliminated from the cycle as we go into fall.  Watering times and duration will be evaluated to reduce soggy fields.


4.  H1N1 Flu – HESD Procedures: Disinfectant is available in spray bottles for teachers to keep in classrooms; SOOs will be advised to make sure teachers are aware it is available to them.  The spray is in addition to disinfecting of classrooms done each night – desks and door handles are misted each night. Also, antibacterial foam is available in cafeterias and libraries.


HESD is following the Kings County Public Health Officer’s recommendations and advice; we also have a pandemic plan. Center for Disease Control (CDC) no longer recommends school closure for isolated incidents.  In the event of a school closure, the requirement for mandatory minutes would be waived. Teachers are encouraged to use common sense when coming in to prepare lessons or returning to work if they have been ill. The Health Department is recommending that those who are ill with flu symptoms do not return to work until 24 hours after the fever subside. Please do not come on campus if you are contagious. While there is no need for masks in the classrooms, if a student has a fever the student is “masked” while waiting to be picked up per the Health Department’s recommendation.  Doctors’ offices are not routinely testing for H1N1 and we do not have verification that student(s) out with the “flu” have H1N1.  The Health Department thus far is not requiring notification of suspected cases of H1N1.


Kings County vaccination plan is three-fold: first focus is on preschool-aged children, then at-risk populations including pregnant women and the medically fragile, third phase will be school-aged children..


The District will continue to disseminate information to HESD employees as appropriate.


5.    Teacher of the Year participation: Kings County Teacher of the Year Program has provided information and invited HETA to participate, but HETA declines at this time because they have program in place specific to HETA members.  The District is willing to provide assistance as needed with annual HETA awards.


Next Meet and Consult will be November 2, 2009.



Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, September 14, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Jody Patton, Sue Piper, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Work-Related Injury Report: Six work-related injuries for the reporting period from May 12th forward; as of September 14, 2009 there are 14 days of lost work time. 


2.    Current Class Sizes: District enrollment is now 5584; three kindergarten classes added (two teachers transferred from first grade to kindergarten at Monroe and Roosevelt and one class was opened at Simas).


3.    K-3 Class Size Discussion, SDC: HETA agreed to a maximum enrollment of 25 in K-3 classes and the perception is that Hamilton and Simas are getting the bulk of larger class sizes. Dr. Terry explained that classes across the district are full or near capacity except for one south side and one north side school. Since QEIA schools Lincoln, Richmond, and King are subject to strict class size limitations they are “out of the equation”.  Very few non-resident (non-FLI program) students are attending Simas.  It is important to note that after balancing, when a K-3 class is at 20 students, a 21st student will not be added until all classes at that grade level across the District reach 20.


Classroom Size Reduction funding calculations are always weighed to achieve the best possible result when the District considers going over enrollment of 20 versus hiring a new teacher.


While there is a “cap” on RSP loads, there is no State ceiling for Special Day Classes. The Special Education Director is attempting to exit SDC students who qualify and balance as new students come into the District. The District agreed to consider additional aide support for SDC classes exceeding 15 students.


4.    Minimum Days – CELDT, QEIA Collaborations:  The first three minimum days on the calendar are dedicated to CELDT testing this year, but will be cut back to two days for next year.  CELDT training must be offered at the beginning of the year.  HETA is concerned that strict adherence to a calendar of professional development or additional staff meetings during Wednesday minimum days interferes with the increased collaboration the time was intended to provide.


5.    Disruptive students not on IEPs:  Concerns have been raised about difficulties arising from the need to balance intervention for students who are repeatedly disruptive with the need to maintain strict adherence to the instructional schedule in order to deliver ELD and other critical programs. Principals will discuss with teachers their specific site protocol for dealing with behavior issues of non-IEP, non-504 students. 


6.    Clarification on Math PD hours: Once feedback is received about the top needs for voluntary professional development in math, professional development will be offered by grade level. Teachers may begin working toward the required 80 hours after the mandatory training is completed. HESD is a Year 3 Program Improvement District and had to develop an improvement plan to include aligning professional development with SB 472.



Next Meet and Consult will be Monday, Oct. 5th, 2009

Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, April 20, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Karen Peterson-Hulten, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Work-Related Injury Report: Two work-related injuries for the reporting period from March 2nd forward; no lost work time. 


2.    Current Class Sizes: District enrollment of 5502, down from the peak enrollment.  Concerning SDC enrollments, staff adjustments are being made for next year to help with SDC/RSP caseload issues. 


3.    Student Behavior:  Conduct codes and discipline codes seem to be well established, but professional development on classroom management and making sure teachers know how to access the support and assistance available is very important. Dr. Terry will meet with principals to discuss the topic.


4.    Can two citations be issued in one day?:  More than one citation can be issued for separate incidents.  For example, if a student is issued a citation for disruption in class and then gets into a fight on the yard during recess, those are treated as two separate events.


5.    Dress Code:  Our dress code is Board Policy and Dr. Terry will discuss enforcement with the principals to promote consistency from school to school.


6.    Homework:  Board Policy at one time mandated a number of minutes of homework to be assigned, but we no longer cite students for homework violations.  Teachers should consider the reason for assigning homework…is it issued for teacher compliance or to reinforce and extend learning?  If we are utilizing homework as a punitive measure and the behavior still isn’t changing, how is that helping students?


7.    Availability of Office Personnel for Behavioral Support:  Many teachers have been unable to reach office personnel by phone during the instructional day.  Dr. Terry will follow-up.


8.    Cost Saving Measures; Supplies and Materials:  In light of the budget shortfall, the District is requesting teachers be very conscientious with paper, printer cartridges, copies and all supplies. 


9.    Chain of Command with Parental Complaints:  In response to the request that principals encourage parents to resolve issue with the teacher before going to the principal, Dr. Terry will ask the principals to ask parents if they have attempted to resolve issues with the teacher first.


10.  Computer Shut-Off:  To clarify comment that Thursday is a “professional day”…David Goldsmith received information that many teachers “stay late” on Thursday night in preparation for the following week.  He now understands that teacher preparation time varies from site to site and teacher to teacher.  There was no harm meant by the comment.  Also, when the message comes up the computer will be automatically shut down but teachers may just “abort” the feature and continue working.  If the teacher is away from the desktop when the message comes up, it is also permissible to log back in if needed.


Next Meet and Consult rescheduled to May 11th.  It will be the last for this school year.



Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, March 2, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Karen Peterson-Hulten, April Silva



1.    Two Work-Related Injuries since February 3rd forward; no lost work time. 


2.    Current Class Size:  Overall District enrollment of 5529.  A clarification about class size reduction levels in K-3 at QEIA schools was made.  Although recent negotiations resulted in a side agreement raising the K-3 “ceiling” to 25, the K-3 classes at designated QEIA schools will hold to a 20:1 ratio for 2009-10


3.    School Calendar Proposal for 09-10 School Year: The draft Hanford High School calendar was distributed; Hanford High will have a three-week winter break in 2009-10. Start and end dates are the only negotiable factors in setting the calendar for HESD, and the draft calendar is scheduled to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in March. 


4.     “Cut Off” for Grades: “Cut-off” for grades needs to be an established date that is communicated to parents.  Going forward information will be included in the student/parent handbook.


5.    Jefferson School:  Information regarding the re-opening or plans for the Jefferson School facility has been requested.  Dr. Terry has not finalized any recommendations with the Board of Trustees at this time.


6.    Demographics for 09-10: District does not yet have staffing demographics to share for the 2009-10 school year; the demographics concerning the projected number of classrooms at each grade level will be provided by the contractual deadline of March 15th.




Summary of HESD/HETA Meet and Consult

Monday, February 2, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Karen Peterson-Hulten, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Two Work-Related Injuries since January 5, 2009; no lost work time. 


2.    Current Class Sizes:  District enrollment 5521and holding steady.  Some Kindergarten classes currently over ceiling at 21 while others are at 18.  Class size reduction penalties were explained. Contract language does not require the District to continually balance classes when one class falls below the ceiling.


3.    Employee Recognition Event:  In past years HETA has assisted with funding refreshments and baby books that have been purchased annually for our employees who are new parents, but HETA is unable to fund any of the refreshments or the baby books this year.


4.    Appropriate use of Flex Days:  Teachers would like the flexibility to work in their classrooms planning instruction on “flex day”.  Currently the principal determines how a flex day is to be used, but Dr. Terry will check with principals about what they are doing during “flex days” and revisit this issue with HETA.


5.    Notification to teachers of changes in the Assessment Calendar: Recent changes were communicated to the leadership teams, and future email notifications will include a link to the assessment calendar allowing teachers to click on the link to review the updates.


6.    Communication with teachers prior to removing items from classrooms: Director of Facilities will speak with the custodians, lead custodians and school operations officers to be sure that communication is made with classroom teacher in the event it is necessary for an item to be removed from a classroom.


7.     Publicity of accountability percentages at school sites: At some sites, general announcements are made regarding the percentages of conferences completed by teachers, percentage of classroom attendance, etc.  It is agreed that certain statistics do not need to be shared in public announcements, but because teachers do have an effect on student attendance and other important statistics, principals may cite positive achievements made.


8.    HESD Daycare:  District may not be able to offer any funding in this area but perhaps a referral network could be developed.  Jeanne Rios did some research on the topic.  Dr. Terry will meet with Mrs. Rios and follow up with Alicyn Cawley on the status.


9.    Reopening Jefferson:  If the school is reopened for next year, it will not likely be a neighborhood school but may offer a magnet program.  There are no consequences of not opening the school next year; the District was hoping to have a feel for this year’s budget by now and that is not the case.  The modernization is still in progress.

Monday, January 5, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Rosa Adams, Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Mike Rogers, April Silva



1.    One Work-Related for December 1st forward: no lost work time. Regarding fenced and locked facilities at all campuses, Facilities Director will work with site principals in order for teachers to have classroom access during holiday breaks.


2.    Class Sizes:  New Kindergarten class was opened January 5th at Roosevelt School.  Overall District enrollment is at 5509; up from last year.


3.    CAMs: CAMs are designed to be a common activity for teachers to share – not to just test and then have collected.  While CAMS might not be in the same format as the CST, they are aligned with standards.  Teachers are encouraged to list their concerns or ideas regarding CAMs on the discussion board so that these areas can be discussed at the Curriculum Committee. 


4.    Peer Observations:  Observations arranged by principals are not intended to be intrusive; the balance is in how to maintain openness while respecting the need for a teacher to say “it isn’t a good time”.  Dr. Terry will speak with principals about their approach concerning peer observations and the necessity of an objective being communicated.


5.    Student Computers:  Some sites have many student computers while others have few because when categorical dollars are used to purchase computers often low wealth schools will have greater resources.  Dr. Terry doesn’t see a way to resolve the issue through the General Purpose Fund during this time of economic uncertainty.


6.    Retirement Incentives:  An incentive will be offered to encourage early notification because it could assist the District with recruitment and the equitable distribution of experienced teachers among schools.


7.    HETA Luncheon:  Panera boxed lunch (salad or sandwich)will be offered at the traditional teacher luncheon during spring professional development day (February 9th this year).  Human Resources staff will coordinate.



Monday, December 1, 2008 – 3:30 p.m.



District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander

HETA:  Susie Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Five Work-Related Injuries for November 4th forward; no lost work time.  Administrative procedures concerning classroom facilities have been changed to allow the use of 3M Hangers in classrooms.


2.    Class Sizes:  Kindergarten is over by 23 students District-wide.  The District will be opening another Kindergarten class after winter break and has begun the interview process for a new teacher.  . 


Special Services Director McConnell is looking at students in primary SDC classes which are over ceiling of 15 to determine if any of those students are candidates for RSP placement. 


IEPs - Although it is not possible to have our teachers attend all IEPs for HESD students who are in county programs, the District is trying to send HESD representation for IEPs concerning our students.  Special Services Department will communicate with teachers.


3.    E-Mail and Chain Letters:  The appropriate use of technology prohibits the use of District email to send inappropriate jokes or chain letters. District email is not private and can be retrieved for personnel matters and in a court of law.  A reminder about the appropriate use of email will be sent to all employees.


4.    Wednesday Collaborations:  HETA shared results from a survey of the teaching staff regarding Wednesday collaboration days.  The Superintendent is encouraged by positives and will review suggestions.


5.    Old Computers Assigned to Kindergarten Teachers:  Some Kindergarten teachers reported inability to access attachments to emails properly. Office 2007 software upgrade or document conversion upgrade may not have been loaded on some computers.  David Goldsmith and his staff will make sure all computers have the proper upgrades installed.


6.    Math Materials for FLI Teachers: FLI teachers do not have some Spanish math materials (including manipulatives).  Assistant Superintendent Gabler will meet with FLI staff at Simas to more fully explain that:  Harcourt Spanish math materials cannot be ordered because they have not yet been State approved.  Non-FLI classes have manipulatives that come with the English adoption.  We will continue to use the pilot materials while we await the State’s approval for the Spanish materials. 


7.     Parent Teacher Conferences: A protocol will be developed with specific guidelines addressing concerns about home visits and teacher safety, and expectations regarding teacher attendance during these two work days.  



Monday, November 3, 2008 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Michele Alexander


HETA:  Susie Adams, Rosa Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Three Work-Related Injuries from November 3rd forward – no lost work time.  Review and update of classroom (facility) standards continues. 


2.    Class Sizes:  Current enrollment is 5516.  Kindergarten numbers are fluid. Currently there are 11 Kindergarten classes with 21 students.


3.    Class Size Overage at Monroe and Lincoln: Two primary SDC classes have over 15 students per class: over by one student at Lincoln, two at Monroe. There are two aides in each primary SDC class.  Enrollments are being reviewed to see if adjustments can be made.


4.    Placement of Shelly Baird Students in Regular Education: Dr. Terry will follow up on concerns about lack of sufficient communication when a Shelly Baird student is being mainstreamed or is moving into a regular education classroom. 


5.    Why are the benchmarks for FLI in English when students are instructed in Spanish?  The benchmark assessments are designed to mirror and predict CST performance.  The CST is only given in English.


6.    First Grade Math Benchmark Scores:  One Monroe teacher used a benchmark test developed by the Learning Director from Richmond.  After score information was input, the scores appeared to be no longer available to Monroe teachers.  Dr. Terry will check with Doug Carlton about “disappearing” scores.


7.    Benchmark Exams:   The District is trying to refine the benchmark process into a useful instrument to assist in predicting how students will perform on the CST.  Teachers should use the benchmark results as a tool to identify student strengths and weaknesses.


8.    Wait Time for Post-Observation Conference:  The turn-around time between the teacher observation and the post-observation conference is two weeks. Principals will be reminded of the timeline.


9.    Re-teaching Areas Not Mastered on Assessments /Restrictions of CAM Timelines:  In response to concerns that no time allowed on the pacing guides for reteaching.  Dr. Terry responded that he is working with the principals to revisit our intervention process to better coordinate what is going on in the classroom with what is going on during intervention time and lunchtime interventions.     


10. School Resource Officer:  The SRO position is a contracted position through the Hanford Police Department.  The officer is a sworn police officer and although the officer is available to assist principals at all schools as requested, the SRO is primarily assigned to the junior high schools.  It is appropriate for an elementary principal to ask for assistance from the SRO for habitual attendance issues.

Monday, October 6, 2008 – 3:30 p.m.


District:  Paul Terry, Diane Williams, Joy Gabler, Gerry Mulligan, Liz Simas, Michele Alexander


HETA:    Susie Adams, Rosa Adams, Alicyn Cawley, Helen Kissling, Karen Peterson-Hulten,

    Mike Rogers, April Silva


1.    Five Work-Related Injuries since September 8, 2008 - no lost work time.


2.    Staff Rooms at Monroe and Roosevelt:  Cupboards have been pulled out in Monroe staff room to make room for a sofa.  While the District would like Monroe to have a new library/ administration building and convert the office like at Richmond School, it has no immediate plans to do so.  Roosevelt already has a new library/administration building but the “old” staff room remains because the old administration building cannot be converted since it shares a wall with classrooms. 


3.    Office for Nurses:  Originally the District planned to utilize an extra classroom at Monroe School for a common office area for nurses’ use, but due to additional classroom space needed to accommodate growth at Monroe, this is no longer possible.  The new plan is to set up common space for the nurses at Jefferson School (currently the site of the FRC) to house supplies, etc. 


4.    Committee to Review/Update Classroom (Facility) Standards:  A committee including members of certificated and classified groups is being formed to review and suggest updates to current classroom facility standards.  


5.    Offering Daycare for the Children of Employees:  The District is looking at the possibility of offering daycare for the children of employees.  Dr. Terry is meeting with the Director of Kings County Community Action regarding licensing issues and assistance or coordination of a program to benefit our employees. 


6.    Current Class Sizes:  Current enrollment is 5515; this is an increase over enrollment the same time last year.  The District is experiencing a lot of internal movement and there are currently six Kindergarten classes over ceiling at 21 students. 


7.    34 Students in Two 6th Grade Classes at Monroe:  Two 6th grade classes at Monroe have 34 students each. Although contract language states the District may exceed the ceiling for student/family hardship, HETA will have to decide if it will file a formal grievance on class size overage at Monroe.  


8.    Clarification of Citation Process Leading to Expulsion:  At what point may an opportunity transfer be made and/or a behavior support plan (BSP) implemented?  At seven citations a student should have a BSP in place; however if a student is coming out of CDS, they should already have a BSP on file.  An opportunity transfer (school to school or class to class) can be offered at any time if it will help the student succeed.  An opportunity transfer is not mandatory.


9.    Criteria for Academic All-Stars:  Current criteria developed by principals require students to meet or exceed academic and citizenship standards AND have no unexcused absences or tardies.  HETA is recommending that absences and tardies be removed from the criteria.  Dr. Terry will take the criteria change proposal regarding unexcused absences and tardies to the principals for discussion and action. 


10. Copy Allowance for HETA Communications Representative:  School Operations Officers will set up a “copy account” for their HETA representative with 1,000 copies. 


11.  “Personal Day” or “Personal Necessity” use on November 10th:  A large number of requests for “personal day” or “personal necessity leave” on Monday, November 10th (the day before the Tuesday Veteran’s Day holiday) have been received by the District.  Substitute issues are a concern, and both HETA and District representatives are concerned about instruction on this day.


12. Training for Modifying Behavior of Challenging Students:  The District will work with HETA if it wants to pursue offering training to its membership.


13. Academic Extra-Curricular Activities: Math-a-thon, Spelling Bee and participation in Peach Blossom are extra-curricular activities Dr. Terry is open to revisiting. 


14. Relay for Life: Relay for Life is not a District sponsored event and employees have no obligation to participate in a fundraiser due to their employment affiliation. 


15. Sports:  The suggestion that participation in a more cost-effective league for junior high sports could help re-establish regular sports games at the elementary level was met with the reminder that before the junior high schools split, it was very hard to find competitive groups in our area to play against our teams.  Although we want to look at cost-effective options, we want to remain competitive.


16. Curriculum Materials:  Curriculum and Instruction department will list on the District portal page what instructional materials each teacher and student should expect at their grade level.  The past practice of ordering 30 copies for each upper grade class has been revised to 33 for upper grade classes and 21 for lower grades so that each teacher should receive an adequate supply of textbooks and workbooks going forward.


17. Employee Recognition:  HETA funds cannot be spent on nonmembers so it has to pull out of paying for baby books for employees who are new parents and for the refreshments at the reception after the District’s annual employee recognition event. 

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