CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan

February 17, 2009

Online Beneficiary Registration at MyCTA!

The CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan is designed to provide
a life insurance benefit to Eligible Members of CTA.

- Provided by the CTA Economic Benefits Trust

- A Death Benefit of up to $2,000

- An Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment Benefit
of up to $10,000

- A $50,000 Benefit if the member dies or suffers a
dismemberment due to an accident or assault while engaged
in any activity which was in the expressed or implied terms
of his or her occupation, or while acting in the capacity
of an Association Leader

- A life insurance benefit that increases with each year
of continuous CTA membership, until the maximum benefit is
reached after ten (10) years. 

You may name anyone as your designated beneficiary.  To
check to see if you have a beneficiary on file, or to
designate or make changes to a beneficiary, simply click on
My Profile under the My CTA tab at
www.cta.org (login required).
By doing so, you will not only ensure that your designated
beneficiary is registered, you will have personal security
that comes with your CTA membership.

This is not a complete description of the Plan. For a
complete description, please refer to the booklet entitled
“CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan and Summary Plan Description,”
and to make a claim or for more information contact the
CTA Member Benefits Department at (650) 552-5200 or e-mail