Live Free and Die Hard

by Russ L. Smith

An unofficial web site dedicated in memory of Charlton Heston.

One of the greatest Patriarchs of America passed away on April 5th, 2008.

Avenues of interest in the pursuit of happiness; to free the spirit and overcome convention.

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It would be a loss to society if the acquired wisdom of Charlton Heston is not remembered and compiled into a volume of knowledge.  Building upon the sound principles as defined by those key figures in the history of Western Civilization, studied and portrayed on the screen, showcasing the scope of his experience in representing the plight of mankind.

Namely, the pertinent history that shaped the ideology of free men answering to a higher power rather than any man or organization; whether it be a king or an institution.  This is the spirit of '76.  For the first time since the people Israel sought after a king and the prophet Samuel warned against that form of government, we returned to temporal freedom in 1776.  HaleluYah.

Question:  What happens when criminal mafia bankers are enabled by political agents of communist dictators and socialist ideologues?  The answer is fascism by proxy of our own internal corruption.  And we are now indentured to this beast of a criminal and corrupt scheme.  We have too many idols corrupting our government; things we put our trust in that are illogical, implemented by corrupt individuals who serve some other interest than the interest of the people and the principles embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America, regardless of how they may rationalize it.   The solution then is simple:

Remove every conflict-of-interest from State and Federal Government.

These Associations and groups are representing interests that may or may not benefit Society as a whole, particularly when it is a Corporate party, who by design must survive through capital gain.  By definition organizations desire representation above and beyond that what is already received by the individual, and especially above those not associated with that particular group.  How illogical is it then for any particular group interest, through legislation, to benefit at the expense of the rest of America?  It is extremely illogical and ethically bankrupt.  Corruption is fostered through the myriad of conflict-of-interests in our State and Federal bodies.

1.  Centralized Carpetbaggers i.e. Lobbyists.

2.  Union government employees.  All government employees and elected officials should be treated exactly like those employed in our military.  Pay grades, by-laws, etc.

3.  The conflict-of-interest especially inherent with the Federal Reserve.

4.  Pyramid schemes:  Social Security, Insurance, Multi-Level-Marketing, indirect tribute or any other Ponzi scheme.  These are all tares sown into our free market system that discredit and ruin it.  They are all scams and should be illegal, let alone sponsored and implimented by our govts.

These reforms are the only hope for maintaining a Constitutional Republic.