"I just want to say Thankyou, really, because I feel really different - in a good way - just from our short time together.  There are things I said to you that I've never said to anyone else, and it was ok to say stuff, which says something about you, and I feel a great release, which is good.  Being able to look at different things and not have that old feeling back again, and not having the old doubt of me, is really good.  I think this has changed how I am with other people, definitely, in a positive way."  CVB
"I have been having regular sessions with Hesther for several years.  It is deeply healing to be really known, seen, heard, and supported - with compassion and wisdom.  Hesther has deepened my understanding of myself and my life and helped me to become much stronger and more fulfilled.  I am so grateful.  It's a life-changing and life-enhancing process." KB

"The sessions gave me a much needed opportunity to reflect on my relationships (especially parental) and on my life's journey. Your ability to really listen and grasp the essentials, and at times offer an objective 'outsider's' reflection, was very helpful in this process, as was your willingness to show and share who you are ('just' by being so). Above all your integrity stands out in my memory and I really felt that we were working together, rather than my being 'done to'."

"Because boundaries were put in place this helped to feel I could trust sharing whatever I needed to. I felt safe and comfortable to speak my mind. Not having to sensor what I felt or needed to say was really helpful. Always felt comfortable and safe to share confidential matters, which helped me to move forward. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to be able to discuss things at such a deep level, and to find such openness. I needed to be able to work from a 'spiritual' standpoint and to gather a depth of understanding to be able to move forward. The sessions were intense, but I was (and still am!) very grateful for that. The way you asked questions helped me to find answers in myself. Also I felt really supported during the sessions and felt helped to see that I was actually doing ok, even pretty well. Sharing all kinds of family issues with someone not remotely connected to them was very valuable. I was able to see my patterns, family patterns and really work with you to come through them. I enjoyed really getting to the nitty gritty of things even though it was sometimes painful and difficult. Working this way enabled a lot of emotions to be released and shed quickly. I'd long since felt frustrated and unable to create a 'new' picture of myself, one that was up-to-date with who I am now. After each session I felt more and more confident to be able to do this, ultimately feeling safe enough to bring the sessions to a close and move on. The process is of course ongoing, but without these sessions I think I would have felt very unsupported or perhaps lacked the confidence I began to experience. I'm really grateful for that!" FW

"You gave me all the time I required and I feel your time with me was invaluable. I appreciate your time and kind nature. I told you all my thoughts and feelings and due to your nature I felt absolutely comfortable trusting you. Being able to express my feelings to someone who didn't know me was extremely helpful. You allowed me to speak, and you are a brilliant listener. I feel it has made a huge impression on me and given me more peace than I thought I could have received on my own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Hesther. Giving me your time and being so kind was a true gift. I truly appreciate it." HS

"Thank you for listening, much appreciated." ME

"Thank-you for all the help you've given me. It's been a big comfort to me." PS

"I felt very comfortable discussing everything. I feel more confident and able to deal with the 'bad' day much better. The benefit counselling was to me was amazing. I was beginning to feel that nothing mattered and talking it through without judgement made all the difference." DS

"Felt safe to express my feelings without fear." MH