Hess Lodge was Chartered October 9th, 1840 in Dyersburg, TN. The original building was located on Masonic St. and as was most of the old Masonic Lodges, it was upstairs. The current building, located at 413 Troy Ave,  was erected in 1965.

***Stated Meetings are the 1st Monday of every Month***
Meal @ 6pm, Meeting @ 7pm
Our fraternity has little or no material benefit. Yet behind the doors of Freemasonry is something greater than what money can buy:
The chance to forge the strongest bonds of friendship that last a lifetime!

To belong to a Masonic Lodge, means that you are a man of character, upstanding, and have good, moral values. Masonry is a Charitable institution, and though a Masons charity is a very important part of our Fraternity, Masonry goes much deeper than that after all it is the oldest Fraternal Society in the world. Most towns have Masonic Lodges, larger cities may have more than one, yet it is one Brotherhood, one society that extends with no bounds around the world.