Dr. Hesham Alsarhan
Dr. Hesham Alsarhan

Assistant Professor of Information Science 
College of Social Sciences 
Kuwait University

Welcome to my Personal Website

        My general research interests are in the areas of representation and semantic web. I am interested in understanding the way people represent and organize information resources using new emerging technologies. For my dissertation project, I investigated the influence of target audience on social tagging (i.e., the practice of labeling resources with user-generated words -- i.e., tags -- in a shared online environment).

       The collection of tags in a tagging system is also known as Folksonomy, and because of the potential use of tags and folksonomies in categorizing and sharing online resources, it is important to identify and understand factors that may influence user participation and tag 
selection in social tagging systems. Several studies in the social tagging literature showed that the target audience is one of the aspects that motivate social tagging.

        In the dissertation project, I extend the previous investigations of the effects of target audience on social tagging by focusing mainly on the notion of common ground (i.e., the sum of mutual knowledge, beliefs, and assumptions that can be presumed to exist between the tagger and the intended audience). By understanding the impact of common ground on the way people assign tags in social and non-social conditions, useful implications for improving information organization and communication in online environments can be provided.

       Currently I am working on few projects in the area of information organization and semantic web technology.




Education :-

  • Corporate Training & Continuous Education
  • Business Modeling & Analysis
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Information Organization
  • Project Development & Management
  • Knowledge & Content Management
  • Classification, Metadata, & Ontologies
  • Automation & Information Systems
  • Semantic web (WEB 3.0)