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Computer is one example of technology advance. It has been used all over the world. It is used to manage from the little business to the huge one. It is used by the young even the kid until the old people. With computer, everything could be clear; many tasks could be done easily.

Computer is a complete apparatus. So, not all people can use and operate it, why; the language for the programs and for the systems used is English. Though there some of them use Locally Language, for example in Indonesia use Indonesian and in Arabic use Arabic, but they are not many, and the program can not go in the world. There fore, The People who do not speak English in their his daily life, must take a special course or study to know the computer’ operation well.

If you are a programmer and make A computer program using your own language, Local language, It could be only bought by the people who understand your language, not if you write the one that using English, It would be bought by the world.. So, I think if you want to master computer operation well, it is necessary that you must also know English to make it easy to operate it.

What kind of English we need? That is a good question. In English there are four language skills we should master, they are 1. speaking, 2. listening, 3. reading, 4. writing. To support on mastering that skills, some aspects should be learned, namely:

  1. The vocabulary a set of all words that are understood by a person or the set of all words likely to be used by that person when constructing new sentences.
  2. Grammar is the field of linguistics that covers the rules governing the use of any given spoken language. It includes morphology and syntax, often complemented by phonetics, phonology, semantics, and pragmatics.

In the field of komputer all aspects are used, because computer used standard language understood by all people in the world. So, it is clear that we must learn the whole of English to understand computer. Though, in this case, speaking is ignored , but it possible that in the coming year ;and now it has existed; we command computer orally.

  1. Vocabulary ( perbendaharaan kata); seperangkat kata-kata yang dimengerti dan dipahami oleh seseorang yang digunakan oleh orang tersebut ketika dia membentuk kalimat-kalimat baru
  2. Grammar ( Tata Bahasa); bidang kebahasaan yang meliputi tata cara menentukan pembentukan bahasa lisan dan meliputi morphology, syntax serta dilengkapi dengan fonetik, fonology, semantic, dan pramatik.

In this my site, I would like to combine between English and Computer. This is site for the everybody who wants to study English, operating computer and also the language in it. I hope it can help you. Still, I need your suggestions to make it best.

And Also I will do my best to give some tips for to surf in the cyberspace to get money free. It may very strange to Indonesian People for they do not understand English Well.