Herts of Uke

This is the home page for the Herts of Uke ukulele club. We welcome any uke player, whatever your standard, wherever you are from. Yes, we are in Facebook too.

We meet on the fourth Sunday of the month from 6.30pm to 10pm. Have a check in the dates and the venue.

Previously, in Herts of Uke meetings... Our strumming heroes discovered that the bare necessities were covered, it was difficult to get out of Folson prison, but easy to get lost in the country roads and runnaway... And that totally unknown people dares to sing out of the shower with a bunch of just met buddies.

That was a really good evening... x.D


posted 2 Jan 2016, 09:31 by Draakun   [ updated 2 Jan 2016, 09:32 ]

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