Herts of Uke

This is the home page for the Herts of Uke ukulele club. We welcome any uke player, whatever your standard, wherever you are from.

Yes, we are in Facebook too.

The venue is in the bar at THE HEDGEHOG pub in Welwyn GardenCity. Many thanks to Josephine, the landlady, for being so obliging. It is a public area but punters will be discouraged from coming in (although it might be a good way of drumming up more ukies!)

We meet on the fourth Sunday of the month from 6.30pm to 10pm.


Just make your way to the bar. Bring a music stand if you have one or recipe book holders also work well. And don't forget your 4-stringed friend, of course! Also it's quite cavernous so bring a woolly!

It'd be useful if you could let us know if you will be coming along so we have some idea of numbers. Not a problem if you want to come on spec though. Also any send any suggestions for songs to try out. 

The format is quite flexible but usually includes a little mid-section for anyone up for a solo slot. 

What do I need to bring with me?
Just your ukulele. We'll let you have a song book.
Can under 18s come along? yes but normal pub laws apply.
Exactly where in the pub do you meet?
In the bar area
Is there a membership or anything?
No ... all free .. just come along.
Where can I buy a ukuele in the area?
Click in "Close Ukelele Shops" at the menu.
Bring yourself and your uke - any standard of player is welcome ... no fees ...
We'll do some jamming, a 30 minute open mic slot mid evening ... and then more jam jam jam ...
Get in touch with us by emailing hertsofuke@gmail.com

Please visit this site:  http://www.ukeglos.co.uk/ and print the song book (in 2 volumes) before you come along (but don't worry if you can't come anyway, we tend to have one or two spares)