... & Relevance to the World

Every great work has a RELEVANCE to someone - you need to point it out so it is seen

Think of the importance of your project as a gift to the world

Always push your project to show its relevance:
    • Relevance is very dependent on the project
    • If your project is outdoors-what do you see around the experiment
      • How is it used or gathered
      • Are there areas where it is needed or kept away from
      • How much money does it cost verses alternative costs
    • Ask your expert how others can use your knowledge in the field
      • Majority of where it is relevant is found in research
      • Research where others use the information
    • Why did you look into this topic for your project
      • You hold the key in your own desire to help others

    The more relevant your project .... the farther you can go in science fair!