... & The Question
Ideally done over the summer to reduce your stress

A strong project is very dependent on the QUESTION

The question is the SINGLE most important part of any scientific work
This really can't be said/stressed enough ... judges look at the uniqueness of your question more than anything!

Questions to ask yourself about your idea/question:
  • How is this relevant to the world?
  • Is there a local connection to this question?    
  • How can I measure a change?
  • What can I change and what can I keep constant?
  • Is this a new and unique question? ... not one that has been done a million times or found on the web
  • Exactly what do I want to look at? ... the more exact, the stronger the High School level project becomes

Scholarships at science fair are given out mostly based on your question. 

There are a few based on completeness and mathematical thought process, but most are on environmental causes and engineering.

Remember ... demonstrations, research, explanation models, & build from a kit are NOT projects in Science Fair

Resources to help you create a strong, relevant, question:

  • CA State Science Fair: Getting Started 
  • Energy projects: scroll down a little for topics on energy 
  • CA State Science Fair: Support by Subject; 2017
  • CA State Science Fair: past projects ... best place to look and get inspired, not to copy from
  • Science Buddies: Question