Congratulations on getting all the information: question, research, hypothesis, procedure, data, graphs, results, conclusion, and extension

Now you need to organize your information on a board

Listed below is an outline to organizing your board-you want to follow the thought process of your project

Make certain you include:

  • Headers for each section - list what is listed below
  • Bibliography/Works Cited page ... best place is BEHIND your research paper/essay
  • Data Table - show the numbers not just the visual data in a graph
  • Labels on graphs - what is each axis and each line on your graph
    • In your procedure, you should have your variables and constants listed
  • Diagrams - drawing of some part of your project like your procedure map
  • Journal - don't forget to leave your journal at the front of your board to show your timeline and process

The board must be smaller than 2.5 ft X 4 ft X 6.5 ft .... meaning it 

CANNOT be taller than 6.5 ft, not wider than 4 ft, and not deeper than 2.5 ft.