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Goal-Make the world a better place ... then SF is for you.

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Science Fair is an opportunity to get your hands in to real science - your experiment.
Just remember that good science is one that can be replicated, 
so take good notes in a journal to keep track of what is being done.

HS Science Fair basics:

 High School science fair centers around 5 things: 
        • 1) Relevance to the world inspiration/discussion/extension - Relevance 
... Most important aspect - so what? 
        • 2) Unique Question - more info
        • 3) Lots of thought shown in a 100+ page journal - more info
        • 4) Lots of trials - over 100 when appropriate ... only a few trials means you need more time
        • 5) Strong analysis of data (more math makes it stronger) - more info
  • Projects are experiments with unknown conclusions when starting
  • Building a new concept is engineering which is Science Fair
  • Demonstrations, research, explanation models, & build from a kit are NOT projects in Science Fair

Timeline 2018-19
    DUE dates are to Ms. Herrington with journal checks OR online submissions
  • October 12th-DUE-Research & Question in Journal
    • You show Ms H your journal and on-line you enter your interest in a subject -SUBMIT-
  • October 26th-DUE-Procedure, Materials, & Procedural Map in Journal
    • Procedure is turned in on typed page(s) along with showing Ms H your journal entries -SUBMIT-
  • November 2nd-DUE-All forms due with signatures ... including restricted forms  - SMEFAIR Forms
... November 3rd is the actual date due to regionals so there is no wiggle room ...
  • November 2nd-DUE-Registration to Ms. Herrington ... online registration -SUBMIT-
On-line Registration ... don't forget to include your PROCEDURE in your registration!
    *Each person in your group needs to register so I have their contact info.
  • February 5th-DUE-Project Board
  • March 11th-DUE-FINAL project before school & Interview @ Fresno Fairgrounds by 4:45PM (5PM to 7PM) map from BHS
  • State Science Fair is April 29th - 30th & ISEF is May 12th - 17th in Phoenix, AZ

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