Learning chemistry is like learning a new language ... you will become fluent!
To help keep your understanding flowing and connecting, you will keep a journal.

Organization of Journal:
  • 1st choice: year journal OR 2 semester journals
  • Cover: Name, Period, and Chemistry Journal
  • Number every page in the top corner ... start on page 3 (front of 2nd page)
  • Title page (pg 1): a.   Chemistry: The Story of Matter, b.  Your name, c.   Period, d.  Illustration or chemistry joke
  • Unit Table of Contents (pg 3) ... each unit will have a table of contents that is a vocabulary page with references
  • Unit 1 (pgs 5+): all units will follow this format
    • Unit Title page - this will be updated with vocabulary with reference pages ... this page will be tabbed 
    • Daily entries - starts with starters followed by notes on material 
    • Returned labs, worksheets, etc. will be tapped to the left side of the dates daily entry
    • Returned Quizzes - tapped to the page prior to the unit page ... quick reference for studying
  • Appendix: here you will have all of your important reference materials
    • Tab the 6th to last page and label tab Appendix
    •  Lab Safety Contract (6th to last)