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Unit portfolio is being changed to semester portfolio for 17-18

Learning is a life long event that you can only do if you reflect on where you are ... how do you learn?
In class, you will reflect on where you are within your portfolio.

This is your chance to show how you SHINE!

Your portfolio will be kept on Google Slides within the digital classroom. 
To get you ready for all types of science professions, you will become strong in team work, 
following procedures, creating materials, organizing thoughts, 
digital communication, and analyzing others work. 

Listed below are supports to help guide you in this process.

Getting Started:
* Do you want to add a theme to your unit?

1st slide: Main question/questions (no more than 2 Q's)

2nd slide: Concepts learned - list a minimum of 10 concepts/vocabulary with an explanation

3rd slide: Current event

4th slide: Current event Reflection - throughout the year you should show growth in writing this abstract

5th slide: Lab Report Reflection - why did you chose this lab for your report
    * Your actual report with be uploaded outside of the slides

6th slide: Project reflection - personal reflection on what worked in your project

7th slide: Unit Reflection/Strong - reflect on what you feel you strongly understand ... why? and what worked?

8th slide: Unit Reflection/More - this slide is all about reflecting on what you want to learn more about 

9th slide: Science Standard Reflection - I will list a standard for you on the slide ... or you can choose:
  • HS-PS1-1,3,8 & 2-6: Structure & Properties of Matter ... link
  • HS-PS1-2,4,5,6,7: Chemical Reactions ... link
  • HS-PS3-1,2,3,4,5: Energy ... link
  • HS-PS4-3,4,5: Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation ... link
  • HS-ESS1-1,2,3: Space Systems ... link
  • HS-ESS2-2,3,5,6: Earth Systems ... link
  • HS-ESS2-4 & 3-5: Weather & Climate ... link
  • HS-ESS3-1,2,3,4,6: Human Sustainability ... link
  • HS-ETS1-1,2,3,4: Engineering Design ... link 

10th slide: Common Core Reflection
    • Common Cores Science Standards ... link
Scoring Rubric:
Materials/10 pts; Concepts/20 pts; Current event reflection/10 pts; Lab Report/20 pts; Project Reflection/10 pts; Unit Reflection-Strong & More/30 pts

For more details, please download the documents listed below.
Kendia Herrington,
Aug 14, 2016, 9:31 PM
Kendia Herrington,
Aug 14, 2016, 4:23 PM
Kendia Herrington,
Aug 14, 2016, 4:23 PM