Welcome to a year filled with making devices to create energy or maybe store and clean water.

Get ready for a year of concepts learned through creating, organizing, and reflecting.
Chemistry is the study of how matter interacts with lots of concepts/vocabulary.
Yes, learning chemistry is like learning a new language.
Ready to become fluent?!

To help you navigate through this new language and world, we will keep a notebook and support each other.
The best tools you have is your knowledge, your classmates, Ms. Herrington, textbook, and the following web pages.
You will also create a portfolio for each unit to reflect on your understanding of knowledge.

Your knowledge does mean connecting to prior knowledge. 
If you need support on Atomic Structure, download this iBook (
The Atom iBook) on your iPad ... free from Ms. Herrington

Support has sites, links, and materials to help you for chemistry knowledge

If you need help with Vocabulary ... check out vocabulary.
Please use these pages and let Ms. Herrington know if there is additional support needed.
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Jan 21, 2017, 2:17 PM
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