Grades are updated BY Sunday night. 
Students have a station folder that sits in the classroom and on their station during their class period.

Folders hold their grades:
  • Any item left in the folder is graded and handed back on Monday.
  • These items are then placed in their journal.
  • If there is a highlighted mark over their grade ... then it has been entered in the gradebook. 
  • If they did not turn in the assignment after it was graded, there will be no highlighted mark.

  • HW - Homework is checked on Monday.
  • Their HW stamp sheet is kept within the folder. 
  • If they want to turn in a late homework, they show Ms. H the next Monday.
  • If that is not soon enough, they can come in at lunch (or before/after school), grab their stamp sheet, and show Ms. H.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. H.

I believe in you, give it a TRY, encourage one another, and you will thrive in class.