Science is my life's passion.  
Science is a verb that all need to experience so they can see the relationships that create the world around us.
I'm always having a scien-tastic day!

I obtained my bachelor's degree from CSU, Monterey Bay in Earth Systems Science and Policy in 2001.  After questioning life's purpose through personal tragedy in September 11, I worked towards a chemistry credential from CSU, Fresno in 2004.  While at CSUMB, I had many amazing opportunities to learn science first hand through projects like evaluating the chemistry of Monterey Bay canyon water, using GPS technology to map Monarch butterflies, working with car dealerships to reduce oil pollution in the sanctuary, and studying a lake as a system with monitoring changes with pollution.  My senior thesis was entitle: Effects of Waterfowl on a City Pond's Water Quality: Case Study of Locke-Paddon Park Pond in Marina, California. CSUMB taught me through activities and that knowledge gained must be shared.

As a teacher, I believe that my students should learn science through hands-on activities and use their knowledge because by using their knowledge, they will better understand the concepts and the fundamentals of science. Science is a verb in my classroom. After all, science is something you must experience to understand. Over my first ten years of teaching, I have enjoyed teaching college, high school, and junior high students. I chose to teach the fun and exciting junior high level to inspire our next generation's leaders ... yes I am one of those uniquely excited people who can inspire without going completely insane (most days). Seeing students gain knowledge for the first time and showing them how science is an everyday subject, helps to inspire me as well. The classroom I teach in is a room filled with respect for everyone involved.

I am looking forward to my next adventure of supporting the quest for understanding at the high school level through teaching chemistry. 

Recent Adventures in Science Education:
  • Summer/Fall 2013: NASA's MAVEN Education Ambassador program at UC, Berkeley with continued work with Colorado & NASA
  • Summer 2012: MBA Project Based Science Institute; NASA's Mars Curiosity Landing Institute at JPL
  • Summer 2011: NASA Ames & CSU, Fresno's PSTI Science Teacher
 Yes-they let me explore the center ... fun exploration!
  • Fall 2010: Saturday Academies for Professional Development Teacher at CSU, Fresno: Chemical WOW! Class
  • Summer 2010: NASA Ames & CSU, Fresno PSTI Science Teacher also known as a NASA fellow
  • Spring/Summer 2009: STEM Leadership Institute; AAUW Tech Trek Science Teacher; Clean Air Challenge Program with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
  • Spring/Summer 2008: CSUF NASA Workshop; Mineral Education Workshop
  • Spring/Summer 2007: AAUW Tech trek Science Teacher
  • Summer 2006: Write Traits Workshop; CSUF, NASA, & JPL's Earth & Space Science Institute; AAUW Tech Trek Science Teacher