Welcome to Ms. Herrington's chemistry filled world at kendiaherrington.com

Please use the website for a D.E.E.P. understanding:

Discover, Explore, Educate, & Protect

Get ready to explore!

I have a tendency to see science everywhere as my students soon find out.
Science is a verb that we will experience through activities and projects in class.

I bring in my own experiences of chemistry into the classroom. Through my hobby of photography, adventures outdoors, and educational conferences ... students will start to see chemistry around them. I expect my students to bring in their own experiences to help push them to see the connections all around them. I hope to inspire my students to want to further their knowledge in a STEM field. The classroom is a collection of all of our knowledge. No matter what they want to do later in life, a strong chemistry understanding will help them go farther.  

I hope you look forward to a reactive year in chemistry!