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Back to School & Printable Resources:
NEW: SchoolExpress - great site! Worksheets, Storytime & More!
Scholastic's Back-to-School Planning Guide
Mathwire Back to School Activities
Kaboose Back-To-School Printables

Another great list of resources from the National Education Association.
NASA has a rich variety of projects, games and videos for classroom use.

SMARTBoard Resources:

YouTube Video

SmartBoard Resources
Great Math SmartBoard Lessons
PBS Interactive Games for SMARTboard

Just For Kids - Animated videos from the University of Illinois Extension; complete with teacher guides. Includes topics such as weather, food, and plant life, and more. Here are some examples:
  • Great Plant Escape
    Join Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout as they uncover the mysteries of plant life.
  • Let's Talk about Insects
    Join C.P. to learn the benefits of insects, their basic anatomy, and what makes an insect an insect. You can even create a new insect!
  • Secret Life of Trees
    Learn all about the parts of a tree and why trees are important to us!
The Sun in Motion - Studying the sun? Click on "Solar IMAX" and show students videos of the surface of the sun!
Word Magnets -a simple tool that allows you to paste text into a field and then click a couple of times to change the text into word tiles a little like fridge magnets that you can drag and rearrange. Students practice word order, diction, and creativity by rearranging the words. For a demonstration of how to use this feature, see this blog post by Nik Peachy. Students can color the text boxes to indicate parts of speech, singular and plural, etc.

Web 2.0/Integrating Technology:
Web 2.0 Resources
More Web 2.0 Resources from Kathy Schrock

Web 2.0 & Bloom's Taxonomy
Best Free Internet Resources for Education
Tech Integration Ideas
Integrating Technology (Marzano)
Online Teaching Toolkit

Digital Storytelling Tools:
VoiceThread portal at nypl.voicethread.com where you can find and make copies of VoiceThreads created by the amazing staff of the New York Public Library. These Learning Modules include expert commentary explaining the background of the images and provide a starting point for further exploration and use of these source materials in the classroom.
MixBook - create your own free, online books by uploading your images and adding your text.
Animoto -Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music.
Storybird -Storybird is a service that uses collaborative storytelling to connect kids and families. Two (or more) people create a Storybird in a round robin fashion by writing their own text and inserting pictures. They then have the option of sharing their Storybird privately or publicly on the network. You can jump in and make changes to a Storybird anytime you want. But to make things easier we assign turns and notify you on your dashboard and by email when your partner has taken their turn or is switching turns with you. The final product can be printed (soon), watched on screen, played with like a toy, or shared through a worldwide library.
Bookemon - create your own free, online books by uploading your images and adding your text or by uploading your own media such as Powerpoint or Word! You can also pay to have books actually printed and sent to you; there is a 5% educator discount.
Domo Animate - fun animation studio!
ScribbleMaps: Scribble Maps is the quick and easy way to rapidly make and share maps! A great web 2.0 tool for place-based digital storytelling. You do NOT need an email address to use this. Scribble Maps uses Google Maps and allows you to:
- Draw shapes and scribble
- Place Markers and text
- Add images from URLS
- Create a Custom Widget, save as KML, etc.

Technology Tutorials
Using Skype in the Classroom
Learn About Glogster
Class Blogmeister Resources

Google Earth Exploring Google Lit Trips

More Online Resources:
Resources for Teachers by Subject Area
Interactive Reading Sites
Best Sites 4 Images
Free Online Educational Videos & Lessons - all subjects
Kideos - Videos for kids; from their site:
FontCapture - this is a fun one; create a font from your own handwriting!

Reference Space
Online Databases
Discovery Education
Search Engines
Search Engine Tips
Virtual Libraries
Virtual Encyclopedias
Virtual Dictionaries
Virtual Almanacs
Maps and Flags
What's the Weather?
Search for Sounds
Search for Images

Reading Space
Online Catalog
Professional Lending Library - a resource designed to provide both staff members and parents with a selection of recently published books on the subjects of disabilities in children and/or children with special needs. Most books are adult reading; some are appropriate to be shared with children.
Level Books
Author Visits
Authors & Books
Be a Book Reviewer
Suggest a Book
Suggested Reading (Books Recommended by Students & Your Librarians)
Playaways Info
Online Magazines

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Do You Speak Internet?

Staying Safe
Internet Safety for Kids
More Internet Smarts

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