Search for Images

NEW! Use these sites for finding images for your research reports!
  • Pics4Learning Copyright friendly images for education
  • MorgueFile "provides the public and creative community with free raw photo materials"
  • ¬†PD Photo Copyright friendly with good animal and travel images.
  • EduPic¬† Use the Quick Links option to access the collection via an alphabetical index.
  • The World Images Kiosk hosted by San Jose State University offers more than 75,000 images that teachers and students can use in their academic projects. All of the images can be used under a Creative Commons license that requires you to give proper attribution when necessary. You can find images by using the search box or you can browse through more than 800 portfolios and groups organized by subject.
  • Classroom Clipart
  • openphoto: Free stock images. Use categories on the right to browse or click on search in the top bar
and more: