Library Mission

The mission of the Herricks Elementary School Library Media Centers is to support and enrich the elementary curriculum. In doing so, the library is dedicated to cultivating in students the ability to be discriminating, independent users of information. At the same time, we seek to promote a love for both educational and recreational reading and to inspire a life-long appreciation for the exploration of ideas.

We seek to deliver collaborative learning experiences by:

  • Guiding and supporting inquiry learning
  • Stimulating critical and creative thinking
  • Building cross curricular literacy skills and new literacies
  • Empowering students to build deeper understanding
  • Providing knowledge building experiences
  • Effectively utilizing information and technology rich learning environments
  • Providing differentiated instruction to ensure learning success for all
  • Utilizing current technologies to enhance the learning processĀ 

It is the goal and philosophy of the Herricks School District to prepare students to be lifelong learners. The Herricks community believes that school library media centers play an integral role in enabling students to compete and succeed in our information rich society. Acknowledging that students need to develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, the district encourages and nurtures the collaboration between teachers and school librarians to foster the growth and development of these 21st Century skills. Information literacy skills prepare students to access, evaluate and select information, which they will use for a variety of purposes. The school library media specialist is a valuable resource for students, parents, teachers, administrators, Board of Education members and the community.

Technology in the Library Media Center plays a key role in augmenting the classroom curriculum by integrating Internet research, multimedia construction, and software usage as everyday components in our fourth and fifth grade Research Program. Our Research Program, taught by the elementary librarians and computer teachers, combines information literacy with emergent technologies to supplement and support classroom curriculum and activities.