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Publications and Productions

Novels & Novellas

"Conscious," Createspace, 2010 (out of print)
"Dr. Derosa's Resurrection," Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2013
"The Crystalline Princess" (forthcoming, 2014)


"Femme Fatale Classified Ad," Mad Scientist Journal, Summer 2012
"Laboratory Classified Ad," Mad Scientist Journal, Autumn 2012
"The Onlookers," Yesteryear Fiction, October 2012
"Mirror," Miracle, Issue 2 , Page 7 (Also available for free here)


"Fingerprints," Angie's Diary, Summer 2012
"Dream," Haiku Journal, Issue 13
"Frog," Three Line Poetry, Issue 18
"Sonnet to Apollo," Eternal Haunted Summer, Issue 13
"Nonnet," Inclement Spring 2013 Inclement, Spring 2013
"Head Over Heels," Lil' Miss Gossip
"Summer Dreams," Miracle, Issue 7 (forthcoming)


"Murder in Seattle," Miracle, Issue 3, Page 55
"In Defense of Science Fiction and Fantasy as Literary Genres," Fantasy Factory
"Inventing Worlds, Inventing Words," Fantasy Factory
"The Halfway House," Miracle, Issue 4, Page 31
"Subgenres of Science Fiction," Fantasy Factory
"The Last Place You Look," Miracle Issue 5,  Page 64
"Potential Music," Miracle Issue 6, Page 25
"Westward Wayward," Miracle Issue 7 (forthcoming)


"Warren Crawford and God," WWU "Plays 4 Us" December 1, 2011