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When using holistic natural methods or traditional drug therapy to manage your herpes, you need to make simple changes in your diet to avoid triggering outbreaks, practice safer sex to protect your loved ones from being infected and discuss herpes with potential lovers without shame. There is no cure for herpes, so best to learn how to manage herpes instead of letting herpes control your life.

My name is Christopher Scipio, a Homeopath and Herbalist since 1986. I contracted the Herpes virus in 1990 and after a bad reaction to drug therapy, developed a Holistic Protocol for herpes Type 1 & 2. The Protocol isn't a herpes cure (there is no cure)--it is way of living with herpes by strengthening your immune system using, regaining your self-esteem, and practicing safe sex.

No two people get Herpes the same way. During our consultation, I will suggest the appropriate holistic protocol for you. The Protocol is different depending on the type of Herpes, frequency of outbreaks, gender, length of time with the virus, area of outbreaks and stress levels. This is how Holistic Healers work with individuals - they individualize the treatment.

All herbal remedies are custom-prepared by me, by hand, from whole plant botanicals. I will adjust your formulas and dosage schedule as your condition improves.

I am available every step of the way to be your Herpes management coach and provide you with support, advice and encouragement to overcome the physical and emotional legacy of these viruses. You can live a healthy, positive and sexually responsible life with herpes.

I must have a consultation with you by phone to ensure I compound the appropriate formula for your individual situation and can follow up with you to maintain your continuity of care.

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